Hello! Looking for a little advice!

My dad was diagnosed last October but has been symptomatic for about 6 years (refused to go to the doctors until the tremor got the point he couldn’t dress himself without help).

I am his primary carer and there are times, maybe once or twice a month, where he appears drunk for a short period of time (like a couple of hours) when he has not been drinking. Yesterday it occurred at 4pm in the afternoon and remained until about 6pm. He had a sleep and then when he woke up he was fine. He is sleeping really well and taking all of his medications but I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced this?

He doesn’t feel drunk even though he seems it- his eyes are glazed over, his behaviour is almost childlike and he is very unsteady on his feet (more than usual). It’s such a short time and happening one twice a month (roughly)

Google is just bringing up dementia but nothing about parkinsons.

Hi @elphiebegood, :wave:,

I’m sure you’ll hear from some of our lovely members shortly with their own experiences. However, I wanted to let you know that your dad is not alone with the symptoms that he has been displaying; sadly, appearing “drunk” is one of the negative stigma’s that comes with Parkinson’s and members of the wider Parkinson’s community have spoken about this as well. You can view John’s story here:

For more information on how you can best support your dad, I’d encourage you to speak to an adviser via our helpline on 0808 800 0303.

Best wishes,