my husband has had pd for 21 years the last 6-8 months have been very hard
he has been having hallucinations and his nurse provided a prescription he had an appointment yesterday and she has altered his medication from 1 tablet 5 times
a day to 2 tablets 4 times a day she did not seem to worried about his behaviour being so cruel accusing me of all sorts of things and tonight he has put his coat on and is insisting he is walking to the pub never been there before and doesnt drink
#just dont know shat to do ant advice please

Hi, my dad has also had PD for 20+ year and has recently started having more severe hallucinations. A couple of nights ago one where he was stuck in a box. After some frantic googling what we found useful advice was not to to argue or dismiss the hallucination but to focus on their feelings. When I spoke to dad after the episode it was clear that even during the episode was aware it was not real. Sometimes he can tell when they are about to start so we are putting in place a sign he can give us.
Wishing you all the best, Michelle

Hi Michelle, welcome to the forum and thanks for joining in with a post so quickly.

Hallucinations can be from Parkinson’s itself or from the medication. It’s good to hear that your dad was aware what he experienced wasn’t really happening, and I hope that he was able to tell you what he might need during this time. Did you get advice from his GP or Parkinson’s nurse? At any rate, it sounds like you had great insight and worked with your dad on managing them. You can read more here.

I’m looking forward to seeing more from you on the forums soon!

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