Being a dad to my boys

I was diagnosed with Early Onset Parkinson’s five years ago when I was 44. I have a wonderful wife and my two boys, now aged 17 and 11 years old. My Parkinson’s UK, Trafford, has been very helpful and support.

One thing that upsets me a great deal, as a Dad, is not being able to do the same things as an able bodied Dad might do, for example outdoor activities. Being a parent doesn’t come with a rule book but not having this opportunity makes me feel less of a complete Dad.

Are there any other parents who experience the same or have similar feelings?

I feel that this represents a small gap is the superb range of support, but an important one that needs reviewing. I would welcome any thoughts and any suggestions how address this.
hiya parkin2,welcome to the forum ,iam 41,dx when i was 34,so ino exactly wot ur talkin about,mind u me daughter is now 1 so has life of her own ,but all ican say to u is live it for today ,love erm care for erm ,and they do same backs to u no matter with pd or with out,and go out there and give it ur best shot of everything u can do with erm ,hugs x:smile:
:fearful:ment to say 21:laughing:friggin fingers :wink:
Hi Parkin2

The fact that you are asking this question shows what a fantastic dad you are. I would like to echo Ali’s comments.

Give your support from the sidelines; it’s the support that matters. Those boys of yours must know how much you love them and they will probably become excellent dads themselves one day.

All the best

I am 44 and single mother to 7 year old twin boys. Since I split up with their dad 4 years ago we've never been away anywhere together as I can't manage them on my own. Am absolutely gutted this week as we were all set to go camping with friends but I had to cancel at the last minute as I'm too fragile for camping. The most I can do with my boys is watch TV with them, take them to the cinema or occasionally to the park. It breaks my heart...

Hi Parkin2,
I really do know where you are coming from.Diagnosed Nov 09 aged 45,i,m now 46.My Daughter aged 22 has a place of her own.My two sons aged 17 and 15 are heavily involved in sport.My wife and i put everything we have into our children both supportive and financial,also our Grandson.Having always been a fit,sporty person i have always been involved with and encouraged my children in that direction.They look up to me because they know from the things i have done i have practiced what i preach when they have to go that extra yard to succeed.It is now hard for me to accept the limitations and feel less of a Dad because of this.
However,its not what you can or can't do with your children which is the most important thing.The most important is just BEING THERE for them.You will always be their Dad and your support and advice will always be a key element in their growing up.It's also surprising how understanding and in tune with reality children are.It's hard but try not to worry.
All the best