Being defined by the views of other people (you are now disabled")"

During childhood we learn that other people have minds independent to our own (a so called “theory of mind”). As a consequence we can feel a sense of difference and otherness. This forms the basis of our individuality but can also lead to feelings of isolation and the seeking of solace in a crowd of supposedly similar minds.

A further consequence of a “theory of mind” is the realisation that our mind has limited influence; other minds are free to think what they like. For example, other people’s view of Parkinson’s may be different to yours. But that doesn’t mean you have to be defined or led by the nose by their opinion, you are also free to think what you like.

The only mind we have any hope of really influencing is our own. The privileged access we have to our own mind allows us to overhear and question the views we hold of ourselves. We are free to accept or reject what others think of us and what we think of ourselves. This gives us the freedom to judge fairly our thrownness and our potential to do the next thing in our lives.
Hello Dr Johnny, I used to accept the Lable DISABLED and it contributed to my
loss of self esteem and self confidence, No more, when I am hurtling round the
empty quiet streets on MISS MOBILITY at 3am I feel like Lewis Hamiilton or
Jackie Stewart, these early high speed circuits of my home town are still
undiscovered by my beloved, I wont stop if I am found out, the last time I
had thrills like this was,,,No No not that, was when I won my first Inter
Schools Go Kart race, my one and only,I was banned, FOR BEING TOO AGRESSIVE,
,,,,Who me. I don't feel Disabled now in fact I feel empowered and even after
a terrifying 98% shut down, as occurred this morning lasting until mid afternoon
wont beat me, I fought back, my main weapon is my temper, my dear wife is
asked to position out of earshot, once safe I launch into a foul mouthed tirade
that would strike fear into a Battle Hardened trooper, and guess what, It works
Hi Fed, I am right there with you on this one! I can only walk a few steps before I crash to the ground in a heap, then I will swear like a trooper! But, as the song says, I get right up, dust meself down, and start all over again. But, I too have a mobility scooter. It's fantastic. I can go zooming around the pavements of the village (well 4mph is pretty wild for me!)My one hate is WHEELIE BINS!! I
wish people would take them in after the wagon has been round to empty them. Also, another pet hate is people who park with two wheels of their cars on the road and the rest on the pavement! But apart from that It is fantastic, my husband is chief mechanic, always makes sure the battery is fully charged before he goes to work. I can go out by myself, I don' need a minder. I love it.Good grief Fed, just think, we could be the'Dynmic Duo.......the mind boggles!! Lost of love Blue Angel.x
Good Morning All,

Disabled is just a word so I don't think about it really but having used a wheelchair since my early thirties it changed my life from being unable to go out with my family and friends to having some of my life back and join in, so I say a mobility chair/scooter has enabled me to have a much fuller life. This is what I tell people including children when I do talks with my assistance dog after all it is only a piece of equipment which assists me to do this.I also have a hoist so that I can get it into the car with very little effort and of cause scooters come apart much more than wheelchairs which makes it easier.

I nip around pretty quickly but don;t forget if you have one that does more than 4 mph you need a licence which you are supposed to display also whatever speed you do you should have some insurance to protect yourself from breakdown and injury to yourself and anyone else.The insurance is not compulsory at the moment but I think it sensible as accidents do happen I have had children run straight across my path several times.
Parking on the pavement is illegal so tell you council or local bobby they will sort it out.
I don't mean to rain on your parade of having fun it sure would be fun to see some street camera's showing a load of people enjoying the quiet street at night.
Happy travels