Being far away from a family member with PD


My partner's father has suffered Parkinson's for a few years now. They live in a different country and it is hard to visit more often than a few times a year. I would really like to find out what my partner could do for his father while he is so far away. Is there anyone who are in a similar position? How do you deal with your feelings, worries and inability to be physically with your family member who has Parkinson's? And if you have Parkinson's, what would be useful for you from someone who is far away?

Any ideas would be very much appreciated. I am very new to this and have no clue how to start and to support my partner. He is very confused and full of mixed emotions at the moment. But quitting his job and move back home seems to be something he can't afford to do at the moment.

Thank you very much for your reading this.

Hello and welcome, I hope you find the forum useful.

This is possibly quite a difficult time for your partner, as it appears that you are in a relatively new relationship and that might be part of the reason for his mixed emotions.

It is often difficult living away from family, but it is quite easy to keep in touch. His father might appreciate a daily phone call just to say hello, and a few minutes of chat. I think its important to remember that although his father has Parkinson's  he is still the same person, and to try and maintain the father son relationship to the same as it was before diagnosis. 

You don't say if his father is able to do his own shopping etc.  would his father be able to visit him?, the road goes both ways. I don't think his father would be expecting him to give up work and move home, but that is my opinion. 

I have Parkinson’s  and most of my family live some distance away, I am in contact every day either by me phoning or one of them calling me. 

I think its important to keep in touch with family, a phonecall is good its great to catch up, but its really nice to receive a chatty letter perhaps with up to date photos of family. 

I hope you find ways of supporting your partner, remember you need to talk so that you are not working against each other. 

Take care  x