Being vague

I was diagnosed with PD about 8 years ago, so far I have managed well with the medication, but now I am getting very vague and cannot remember something that may have only just been said to me, also if I am asked to do something, I will do the opposite, for instance if I am asked to turn right, I will go left. Does anyone else have the same problems


Hi djjkeriffe

I've been diagnosed 4 years now, I do get forgetful now and then, but not to the extent of doing the opposite or going the opposite way to what you have been told. Do you still drive, if so let me know when you are out and i'll stay off the roads!  Lol

Seriously though,don't know if it has anything to do with the meds for the treatment of parkinsons, it might be worth phoning the helpline and enquiring, to put your mind at rest

All the best   Sheffy

Hi djjkeriffe

You want to get a referral to a memory clinic as soon as possible ,

your problems sound very similar to my own I also find reading difficult and don't seem to take in what I've read  my speech is also affected n often sound drunk.

Hi sheffy

Hope your well and life's treating you well sorry I've not been on much lately but things have been difficult but I'm on new meds now and things are improving , not seen BA for a while n hope she is ok.

I find writing / typing difficult now as I tend to loose the plot and forget where I'm going with what I'm trying to say .

  Live well. Cc


Hi Cc  Not doing too bad, glad you are on different meds and they are doing you some good. I may have to go on extra meds after my visit to the parkinsons nurse in November see how I go.

Stay strong and keep going, no matter what gobbledy gook you come up with in your posts I'm sure we will translate it into what you are saying!

Stay positive my friend

Regards Sheffy x

Sorry it's taken so long to continue this subject. We are still living in France but have spent the last 5 weeks in the UK during which time I had an appointment with a neurologist at a hospital in Tunbridge Wells. My consultant in France is first class but as time goes on my condition prevents us communicating at a higher level (my fault, not his!) hence the visit to the hospital. He carried out the usual physical examination, medication etc and drew to the conclusion that a brain scan would be the only thing left to try. On returning to France I discussed with my GP the contents of the report from the neurologist in Tunbridge Wells and, being France, I would be able to have a CAT scan a.s.a.p. I have searched the NHS site which suggests that a scan might only increase anxiety and stress which leaves me between a rock and a hard place, would it not be better to get sorted as soon as possible?

I would be please to receive any comments, advise etc.

Many thanks




My wife has gone from 4 to 5 sinemet plus, with no benefits her main problems are slowness of movement and feeling extremely weak. She also has balance problems and low blood pressure, she thinks the low blood pressure has gone worse since taking the extra sinemet . Since starting sinemet October 2013 it stopped the tremor in her right had and that is still ok. The thing is we are wondering is there any other medication that would help more than sinemet ?

                             Taa  Billy



I echo Cheshire Cats suggestion and, from a personal situation, what you say regarding doing the opposite to what is asked,is exactly our situation. I would ask for a referral to a memory clinic asap.I experience this, doing the opposite,many times a day with my OH.

Get it sorted with a CT scan which can rule in/ out some conditions. OH had a CT scan which ruled out AD. If you do have memory problems associated with Parkinsons, then the sooner you start medication, the better.

Don't delay. My concerns were ignored for years and the medication might have helped if prescribed sooner.


Surely, not knowing, and worrying is far worse than knowing and dealing with it?


Thanks for your rapid response which I found most reassuring and positive. Will keep in touch.

Do let us know how you get