Belated introduction

Firstly I must apologise for not doing this earlier as I have made a couple of posts in the past but had never got round to introducing myself.
I am a 52 year old housewife with 2 adult sons. I was a supply teacher but was finding it harder and harder to cope in the classroom especially as my handwriting was deteriorating rapidly.
I was diagnosed about 5 years ago and was doing really well on Sinemet until last years shortage. I'm now back on Sinemet but things are not as good. I suppose this just means I've got worse in the meantime. Having said that I still manage to look after the 3 men in my life plus a cat and a dog!
Although I don't often post I do love catching up with the forum and find it useful, interesting but , most of all, comforting as I get little support from my family.
Hello and welcome mrtoad.
You will find the forum very useful and, as you say, comforting. Tap into our wealth of experience and you will be better able to cope. Look forward to hearing from you.

I've been a member for a few years now and find myself in a similar situation to you. I'm married with two children at university. However, I'm still working from home part-time. I could never return to working in an office though - I'm all too aware of my limitations. Some days I can barely write at all and I was wondering if Sinemet helped you with that? I'm just on ropinirole at the moment and, although it has helped me in many ways, my fine motor skills still suck.

I expect there's loads of members who dip in and out of the forum or who follow things with interest without posting. That said, I hope we can look forward to your input in the future. It certainly is a mine of information and has given me a lot to think about. I've never even met another person with Parkinson's so this forum is invaluable to me.

I think I understand what you mean by a lack of family support. Mine are so used to me doing so much for them and taking care of things. It's not that you want them to think about you having Parkinson's all the time but you just want them to pitch in when they're around or ask if there's anything they can help you with. When I hear them say they're too tired or too busy to do something, I just want to scream!

Sorry, I didn't mean to vent on your thread!

Best wishes.
Hi Mr Toad,
I'm 48 and teach adults with learning difficulties part time in a college. I also have two grown up children 19 & 21. Like yourself i have been prescribed Sinemet and Azilect. I'm currently taking 1 62.5mg 3 times a day and am relectant to take any more and am terrified of the dyskenesias this drug can possible give us. What dosage have you been taking and were you offered any other meds or had/or questioned advice from your neuro or pd nurse? Would be good to share thoughts!

Best wishes

Thank you both for your welcomes. Jeanine you know exactly where I'm coming from as regards to the family!
Sinemet has certainly helped with my motor functions but my handwriting fluctuates through the day from microscopic to looking like a doctors prescription. Thank goodness for PCs.
Sorry Drobb, your post came in as I was typing. I take 2x 125mg sinemet 4 times a day and sinemet cr at night. I also have a rotigotine patch and 1mg rasagiline. I do get dyskinesia (spelling?) sometimes in the morning but not too bad most of the time. Fortunately I don't seem to get any of the more unpleasant side effects.
Hello and welcome mrtoad!