Bells Palsy

Hi there, Does anyone know of a link between Bells Palsy and Parkinson's? My husband was diagnosed with PD last year aged 44 and his dad was diagnosed aged 60. We have two daughters aged 9 and 7. Our 9 year old had Bells palsy when she was 4, thankfully it disappeared after a few months. Recently though we have notice it slightly creeping back. She sometimes resembles her dad when he is having a bad day, her face shows slight paralysis on one side. I am worried there could be a link! Has anyone got any wise words to share? Nogs
Hello NOGS and welcome to the forum, I can understand your worries but I am not a person who can advise you on the matter. I came across this link which might be of some help to you.....I wish you well, and come back and see us again....

Radz xx

It would be a good idea to post the link:rolling_eyes::rolling_eyes:

We matched 196 incident cases of PD in Olmsted County, MN, to 196 general population controls with same age (+/-1 year) and sex, and we reviewed the complete medical records of cases and controls in a medical records-linkage system to detect BP. Six of the 196 patients with PD and none of the 196 controls were diagnosed with BP before PD (exact binomial probability, P = 0.02). The median age at occurrence of BP was 49.5 years (range, 15-84 years) and the median time between BP and the onset of PD was 27.5 years (range, 2-54 years). The findings were similar using a standardized incidence ratio (SIR) approach, but were not statistically significant. This initial association between BP and PD awaits replication.

Any statisticians care to comment? Seems significant to me.

Some people think the cause of BP is Herpes Zoster. This can also cause shingles. There is some anecodotal evidence of a link to pd in some cases of shingles but it hasn't been proved.

They are very different diseases but there is a slight suspicion that there could be a common virus in some cases. Have your family members had chickenpox?
oh dear, re-reading what i wrote, i may have given the wrong impression - i am sure if you asked a doctor or a neurologist they would say you have no reason to worry about your daughter. its quite a different disease. please ask your gp if you are worried. i'm sure they will put your mind at rest.
Hi Nogs - first of all I am no expert but can only share my own experience. I had bells palsy when I was about 40 ish and was diagnosed with PD some 17 years later. When I am tired my face still droops slightly and Neurologists have been quick to notice it but no-one has ever mentioned a link between the two. I also have a couple of friends who had bells palsy when they were very young and 50 years later show no signs of PD.

I know it is hard not to worry so maybe you shuld seek some reassurance from your GP.
When I had bells palsy I got told they didn't know what caused it and maybe it could have been a draught!!

All the best