Benefit cuts? please sign this petition


As you know Ian Duncan Smith thinks that people with Parkinsons disease will get better! and as such benefits will be cut. This will cause poverty and more stress, which is the last thing any of us need. Please sign the petition at   and maybe, just maybe he will be made to realise that this disease is progressive and dibilitating.

Thank you, we need to speak up now!


Sorry the link is



Hi Dolly, don't mind signing, but have you been approached by this site to send money to them, I have, which I thought seemed a bit strange........Hope you and hubby are both well........Sheffy


Hi Sheffy...yes i was as well but i ignored it and deleted the message. as you say it seems strange and is a bit off putting isn't it? We try to do our best in helping to do our bit and money seems to always rear its ugly head.  

Thank you yes Mr Dolly has finished his 19 sessions of Radiotherapy for his Prostate cancer and is doing well, he has to see the Consultant in Sept and back to the Neuro hospital for a check up on his shunt in the Brain in Oct.

I spoke to the PD nurse this week as i have been feeling more anxiety and a lot of pain and stiffness in my neck and a very woozy heavy head as a result. She has increased my 6pm dose of Madopar by another half a tablet, I feel that the effects are wearing off quicker than they did so we are going to see how i go and i must get back to her in a month with maybe trying something to "Bridge that gap"!!!

Do you find that you get a warning as your meds are due? like maybe more shaky, or headache etc? 

Enjoying this lovely weather though....long may it last

Hope you are keeping as well as poss Sheffy

Alll the best Dolly x




Hi Dolly........ lovely to hear from you and glad that you and hubby are keeping fairly well, despite a couple of hiccups here and there, it's the way of life at times isn't it.

I'm the same as you dolly I do feel the meds wearing off at times, and you just seem to know when you need them tweeky a bit, if you can get some joy out of your PD nurse! My PD nurse seems to be bogged down a bit and I can't get any joy at the moment, don't see Neuro till Sept, had an app. June (cancelled) then August (cancelled) another came through as I said for September. GP isn't that interested he said he didn't need to see me just phone and he will increase my meds for me, no examination. Carrying on regardless!!

Anyway enough of that.....yes the weather has been good.....hope you have managed a day or two away.....we've been up to Scotland, very nice.

Take care Sheffy x