Benefit Cuts

I have just found on a website many complaints of people having their DLA and benefits cut and unable to get them back and it dumfounded me. Also on the site was a petition to sign and I wondered if anyone else had signed it. I am putting the link on here for anyone to sign I think we need all the help we can get.

Hi Sue,

Yes, these cuts have been on the cards for a long time now. At one point disabled people were almost promised that they would not be effected in the cuts. I say almost, because to my mind the answers that came back from our politicians left me with with the feeling that there was some thing they were not telling us.
Now we know, the country is living on tick.
Cuts will be made. Where depends on who can shout loudest. So to have any chance of retaining the DLA we will need all the signatures we can get.
Hi Kvell

I was quite mortified when reading the website of the plights of people having been turned down for their dla and sickness benefits and told they can work when some of them couldn't put one foot in front of the other safely and thought something should be put forward. Cars being taken off people who can ill afford to buy one and then have to appeal to get it back often taking months it seems to be wasting money. Surely people should be assessed by our own doctors and consultants and let them decide if they are fit enough to return to work. It will be interesting to see if they do a turn about of this like they have on so many other things they have put forward hope so for the remaining people left waiting to see what happens to them.
Hi can anyone help me please
I had to go for a medical assesment on August 13th 2012 to start claiming benefit esa? i think.
how long do I have to wait before I hear anything about it, does anyone know?