Benefits or who to notify

Hello. My husband was diagnosed nearly 2 years ago. He does bury his head in the sand and is trying his best to keep working and lead a normal life. I am worried that there are things we should be doing or things that we could be claiming for that by him doing this he may miss out on in the long run. For example would it matter if we hadn't notified the mortgage company but later need to claim because he had to give up work. I am not even sure if we have anything with any kind of cover. Should I just write to everyone to see. My husband has private pensions but not with the company he now works for. Do you only get benefits if you can't work. Sorry, so many questions. Just are really worried that by coping we are not doing ourselves any favours. Any advice would be appreciated.

Hi Sheffielder,
The very least he should do is to appply for Disability Living Allowance.
We took out a mortgage endowment plan about 13ish years ago (long before being Dx). Safe in the knowledge that 'it would never happen to me' it was not my habit to buy extra insurance like critical illness cover. This one slipped through the net and it appears we did sign up for critical illness insurance but were unaware.

Some time after diagnosis we stumbled upon the paperwork and realised the significance. There was a clause in the policy that required a claim to be made within 6 months of diagnosis (or at least - 6months of the PwP being aware of Dx if that was later)

We were arguably outside that period. I say 'arguably' as, in my understanding, it can be difficult to pin point the time when 'probably PD' turns into 'definitely PD'. The insurance company were unexpectedly fantastic. They could have played hard but instead they paid off the relevant chunk of the mortgage.

so - check the small print!!!

A similar thing happened to me, the difference was that I had moved my mortgage and insurances before I found out that I could claim. Sadly i am now saddled with a mortgage and a pile of debts due to OCD.

Please all newly diagnosed....check your CRITICAL ILLNESS POLICIES .

Thank you so much for your replies. I will dig out everything (if I can find them)and try to decipher the small print. So is it your understanding that a claim can be made even though my hubby hasn't had to give up work yet? Likewise surely he can't claim disabilty benefit if he still manages to hold a job down. Or is it best to apply anyway. I will be kicking myself if we have cover and have run out of time to notify. We just tried to carry on as normal for as long as possible.
Thanks again
I wish you all the luck in the world with coping with Parkinson's.
Your husband could probably claim Disabled Living allowance even whilst working, although I understand this is going through changes to be included in PIPS.
Try phoning the helpline 08457123456 and explain what the mobility problems etc are. Concentrate on the worst times, as it is a fluctuating condition.
If you can claim they will tell you.
We had to move house to have a downstairs bedroom and loo and found out years later that this meant we could ask for the council tax to be lowered by 1 band.
Didn't get any back pay but every little helps!