Benefits upon retirement


Apologies if this has been covered a thousand times already! My Dad, who has Parkinsons, hits 65 soon and is worried about how he's going to cope financially. I'm trying to sort everything out for him and was wondering if you kind people could tell me what happens to Incapacity Benefit and Disability Living Allowance when he is retirement age. As I understand it the IB should continue but the DLA will stop when his state pension kicks in - is that correct? Very grateful for any words of wisdom!


The other way round Bumble. It's Incapacity Benefit that stops when the state pension starts and DLA that continues. Might be a good idea to speak to your local information and support worker who should be able to advise you on sorting out finances. Plus, of course, there is always the Parkinson's UK helpline.

Good luck!

Thank you Christo. I've never had to deal with his benefits before and, to be honest, at the moment I'm finding it all quite daunting. Plus, of course, the information on the government website never seems to be in plain English! I will definitely call in some help...