Benefits- yes another one hi again everyone cookiesandcream here!

were also in the same trouble with benefits i do feel the same as most of you they get people with parkinsons so wrong its like they just dont understand and its like they do see us as benefit scroungers! stresses you out really the cuts they make and im sure plenty of you may be into debt or getting into it right now to were still fighting to and not taking it lying down we did ring the benefits helpline and they just say its very unlikely we will get the payments back see no light at the end of the tunnel really at the moment lets hope i am thinking of signing this petition to im seeing glad im not the only one! keep fighting everyone
just an update : following welfare review april 2012 be aware of your choices for the future. here a pension was took out early to maximise benefits. incapacity benefit was added to pension to provide reasonable income which was considered fair. incapacity allowance was being phased out, and replaced by employment support allowance. entered work related group which provided award for been in that group, plus pension incomes. overall increase on previous. there was no time limit until recently. appears welfare review april 2012 the timing of this phase had changed to 12 months only whereby another group would have to be selected usually same group but instead of contribution, income based. thats when you go into the loses.income now reduced to 36% and this phase is ongoing with no review.