How surprised I was to find carers allowance taken away from me when I received my state pension !
I really don’t understand the logic in this ?
So how does it work ? The fact that you are retired means you can spend all your time caring so don’t have to pay anyone else to do anything ? Is that the logic behind it ?!
Until Parkinson’s came visiting had little reason to have any knowledge of our benefit system (except child allowance years ago)
Because my husband wasn’t formerly diagnosed with Parkinson’s until he was 66 that meant he wasn’t eligible to claim PIP. (Who knew that if you’re over 65 you’re not eligible ?!). He does receive attendance allowance. Only PIP or disability living allowance as it was comes with the element that can be used towards a mobility car. It also appears that it you do get this it it not stopped or taken away when you’re 65.
That makes no sense to me whatsoever.
My husband is a full time wheelchair user and taking him anywhere is painful for him and me getting him into a car is difficult then breaking down and lifting the wheelchair into the boot isn’t easy despite it being so called lightweight.
I don’t understand why it is considered that being diagnosed with something a year past 65 relegates you to not being able to access mobility ?!
I feel that when we’ve needed the benefit system now it has failed us. Not only do I care for my 78 year old husband with Parkinson’s but also my 92 year old parents. I cannot always be in 3 places at once at the inevitable times appointments clash and struggle to keep ontop of everything often forgetting my own.
Moan over :woozy_face:

Hi @Plus1,:wave:t4:

I’m really sorry to hear that you have been going through this; we definitely acknowledge that the benefits system seems unfair, but unfortunately the State Pension is classed as income and Carer’s Allowance is what they call an ‘overlapping benefit’. Therefore, once in receipt of the State Pension, which is higher than Carer’s Allowance, the Carer’s Allowance entitlement stops.

You’re right that Personal Independence Payment which has a mobility component is only for people under pensionable age and there isn’t an equivalent benefit with a mobility allowance for people in receipt of state pension. Again, this is the way the benefits system is structured which we understand may seem unjust.

Depending on whether your husband receives a higher or lower rate of attendance allowance, he might be entitled to a higher rate if he is on the lower rate and he might also be entitled to Pension Credit. Therefore, I’d suggest that you contact our helpline on 0808 800 0303 for a referral to a benefits adviser. They can do a full benefits check over the phone and hopefully find a resolution to this issue.

I hope this helps! :blue_heart:

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