I have been looking at the new benefit laws to keep myself up to date.

I work for my local authority and with the new austerity measures, may eventually find myself unemployed, ( Hopefully later rather than sooner)

I was looking into what I may be able to claim to discover that, as my husband and I have been sensible and have savings, I am not eligible to claim any benefits (apart from DLA).

This seems unfair that someone who has not bothered to save can claim all sorts of benefits whilst we can not!!. Why should we use up all our savings because I was struck down with this awful disease which is not my fault and which I did not choose!!!.

It may sound selfish to those who have not been able to save for whatever reason but I did not choose to be in this situation so why should I be penalised.
Snap, I am in this situation as well. I brought up 2 children whilst working low paid jobs. Scrimped and saved just a little each week, did not go on expensive holidays and made a lot of the children's cloths. I was told I would retire at 60 and paid my stamp, now I retire at 67 and am not eligable for any help if made redundant as i have remarried and have a grown up son living at home. We will also have to move home as we have a 3 bed house with dinning room.which means I will have to eat off a tray on my lap what did I save for, Well I just booked a holiday with a friend and next year if still employed i'm going on a cruise. I always wanted to and now im going to live for today as I might not get the chance at 68.:fearful:
Hallo ladies from a newby.
My wife moved into care recently and, because she has modest savings, has to pay her own fees (which are quite high) until her savings reduce to £23,500 - which won't take long!.
like you, we saved to enjoy a comfy retirement.
Silly thing is - if my wife could be cared for at home - which is impossible because we are both 90 - Social Services would pay more for Carers to attend 4 times a day, than the fees of nursing home - but won't pay those fees!
How crazy is that?
I have made a "Family Trust" which may protect my hard earned savings. There are many trusts to choose from, just have to do the homework and the right people to guide you. They are not cheap but it might keep the wolves from the door!(in my twilight care years).
ESA, failed appeals, Blue badges revoked,The terrors of PIP to come.
The benefits system is becoming an assault course for genuine disabled people,who havn't a chance of competing and winning but must suffer the resultant ordeal and humiliation
Is PD [Parkinsons Disease]a disability?Stupid question to those of us who have it. But simple fact is if you have MS you are disabled if you have PD you are not,so you have to prove it.
Degenerative progressive incurable,what's to prove and why on earth should we have to.

The Equality Act 2010 government guidance notes

''This guidance does not impose any legal obligations in itself, nor is it an authoritative statement of the law.
However, Schedule 1, paragraph 12 to the Act requires that an adjudicating body which is determining for any purpose of the Act whether a person is a disabled person, must take into account any aspect of this guidance which appears to it to be relevant.
This guidance applies to England, Wales and Scotland. Similar, but separate, guidance applies to Northern Ireland.''

Effects of treatment

''B11. The Act provides that, where an impairment is subject to treatment
or correction, the impairment is to be treated as having a substantial
adverse effect if, but for the treatment or correction, the impairment is
likely to have that effect. In this context, ‘likely’ should be interpreted
as meaning ‘could well happen’. The practical effect of this provision
is that the impairment should be treated as having the effect that
it would have without the measures in question (Sch1, Para 5(1)).
The Act states that the treatment or correction measures which are
to be disregarded for these purposes include, in particular, medical
treatment and the use of a prosthesis or other aid (Sch1, Para 5(2)).

B12. This provision applies even if the measures result in the effects being
completely under control or not at all apparent. Where treatment is
continuing it may be having the effect of masking or ameliorating a
disability so that it does not have a substantial adverse effect. If the
final outcome of such treatment cannot be determined or if it is known
that removal of the medical treatment would result in either a relapse
or a worsened condition, it would be reasonable to disregard the
medical treatment in accordance with paragraph 5 of Schedule 1.''

Maybe Im wrong ,but appears,that any assessment of my condition,should consider un-medicated me,in which case its curtains because I don't even make it out of the door.

In order to be protected by the Act, a person must meet the Act’s definition of disability.
Discrimination it surely must be,so is our charity fighting to have PD recognised as a disability

Effectivley we are seeing disability dismissed and able bodied providers imposing there equality,on the disabled community.

Equality however doesnt exist for disabled people,Professions being allowed concessions in the disability arena, an amputee may no longer qualify for a mobility award unless they have lost the limb in active military service.Mr Cameron has promised our soldiers this.What about teachers nurses police,were do exceptions begin and end.Rash decisions irrational goverment,perhaps all we can expect from a coalition government.I thought he was PM not god its tough at the top but we need good decisions not god decisions.Turning goverment into a circus and himself into a clown and no one is smiling.
I must be missing something I thought a reformed system would help me navigate my limitations not impose able bodied expectations on me.
In the name of economic policy and recovery,its selected target disabled victims with incurable illnesses,irreversable physical injury,sufferers with mental health issues and our carers are being crippled even more by the system

It gets better the circus,money go round,is almost money laundering.Atos have subcontracted medical asessments worth a contract of 22million into scotlands NHS.Its working on other partnerships with NHS and contracts will be anounced soon they say.Public money our money used to buy private services,which the contractor then sells back into the existing infastructure of the state sector the NHS,who become the provider.At this point Im lost,is it going round in a circle and were paying twice to save money.

Were sure as hell not solving the problem when the goverment add more layers of beaurocratic inefficiency in the name of reforms that crush the economy further at the expense of the vulnerable.
Discrimination it surely must be,so is our charity fighting to have PD recognised as a disability
Post Reply ?? SPEECH LESS I love Fawlty Towers, Vicar Of Dibley, Little Britain etc but for outrageous hilarity I check out the governments latest policies these days :grin::grin::grin:
Just spending a few days (hopefully if won't take longer)completing a 20 page 'Limited capability for work questionnaire' to satisfy the DWP that I'm not cheating the system. Considering I've been fighting the battle against PD for nearly 14 years now, would it not be possible for me to authorize the DWP access to my medical history by way of a signature? They may even be able to access my records on a computer?! Still it's very positive on at least two accounts that I can think of. 1/ Government fiasco's like this do provide considerable employment. 2/ After 14 years of degenerative neurological disease the task of completing this 20 page document is not dissimilar to re writing the Encyclopedia Britannica :wink:
Way of the world I'm afraid.

Majority of benefits are means tested so if you have savings or a pension etc that are in excess of the limit you aren't entitled.

There are numerous arguments as to why etc. but the real problem is when your savings pension etc are just above the threshold and you got kids running around etc. Your average millonaire with PD probably isnt too worried about it.

Over at Benefit Frauds and I suspect you will find a different attitude.
There they will be pooling knowledge and resources to find the best way around the changes.

There in a nutshell lies our problem, while we delay in our angst guilt frustration etc to claim what we are entitled to thhe fraudsters have it sussed.

Fortunately the M.E. lot are on the ball and if you google you will find good info that really helps

its hard to admit how bad our pd may be but you have to face it, be honest, be thorough, do a rough copy first of any claim but please do it.

You are entitled to DLA now even if still working
Aim for medium / high care as PIP REMOVES LOW CARE if you are on low apply for medium or high. Majority of PWP will be entitled, you wont lose or be downgraded.

I know several people adopted this approach got DLA and ESA WITHOUT INTERVIEWS REQUIRED

When changes come we adapt accordingly
Hi all
I have had PD for about 4 yrs now. I receive DLA ( the lower component approx £84 a month)
I have had breast cancer and i am undergoing chemotherapy. L have just had my second treatment of 6. Does anyone know if i can claim the higher component of DLA because of my need for my husband to care for me and also the chemo tends to exacerbate my PD. I would be grateful for any advice.
Hi Wifit,

There are advisors on our free helpline that may be able to help you with this. The number is 0808 800 0303.


Press and Policy Assistant, Parkinson's UK