I was diagnosed with parkinsons in December and now on medication. I was thinking on buying an automatic car to make life easier, but dont know if id be able to get financial help in buying the car?Am i entitled to anything at this stage? Can anyone help and where best to get information as nothing seems to make sense or straight forward. Many thanks for any help or info.
An automatic car is essential but I doubt there is any financial help. would also recommend a small, easy to park car (alas for the Mr Toad in all of us).
ps a small car thats easy to get out off so no mx5s!
Hi mclaren,
You might wish to take a look at the Motability scheme at

They can help to provide a car if you are in receipt of certain types of disability benefits. There is detailed information about eligibility on the website.

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We've had an automatic car for some years; OH diagnosed 15 years ago BUT it takes much more than being diagnosed with Parkinsons after 6 months Ezinda to claim Motability.
Hi - this is my job! driving and disability.....maybe I can help.
To qualify to use the Motability scheme you need to be in receipt of the higher rate mobility component of the disability living allowance (currently being superseded by the Personal independence Payment (PIP)). To qualify, you need to be unable to walk, virtually unable to walk, or it is medically inadvisable to walk. If you qualify and once you have your letter awarding this benefit payment, you go into your chosen car dealer's and talk to the motability rep who will lead you through the process of signing your benefit over to Motability for the period of the vehicle contract hire - 3 years usually. Motability is a finance company and this regular guaranteed payment raises a certain level of finance and that is what pays for the car. If you choose something more up-market price wise, you will need to pay a non returnable initial rental to cover the deficit.
Vehicle choice - private or Motability - choose a high seat to ease getting in and out, a wide doorway (for stiff legs), a sill with minimal drop down into the foot well (less foot-lifting when getting in/ out). Automatic transmission is a must. For comparative vehicle measurements of all the relevant dimensions for access, use the Ricability website. You can do your initial research without going to all the garages. Type in your min / max preferred measurements for seat height (for example) and up comes a list of all the vehicles which match... If you are in any doubt about your physical ability with controls, consult one of the Forum of Mobility Centres (Google Forum of Mobility Centres) around the country and you can have a practical trial of driving with one of their advisors. A change of technique, or even some minor adaptations may keep you driving safely for longer. I can go into PD driving issues in another post if anyone wants that. Important note - if you are selecting an automatic car for disability reasons, and you actually cannot drive a manual car, then it is not a personal choice - automatic transmission is for you a disability adaptation and you must tell DVLA (details on your green counterpart licence) They will place code 78 on your licence - restriction to automatics only. If things improve and you can go back to a manual, they will take it off, no problem. Hope that helps. Dinky.
There is an age cut-off for disability allowance as I understand it.
It cannot be claimed after old age pension begins.
You can apply then foe Attendance Alloowance and can use that towards buying a car.
Perhaps the PDUK benefits team can clarify?