Hi There, I was paid off in my job tod-ay as I could not do certain tasks,through no fault of my own,as Ihave PD.Ihad been at my job for 16 years and paid ccontributions, Can any-one tell me if I am entitled to unemployment benefit,as I omly now have a small pension coming in.Thanks.
Hi sky

Sorry to hear you have had to leave your job , hope it was partly your choice .

Depending on your age if you have taken medical retirement and your pension early it is worth applying for ESA ( employment support allowance) my o/h gets this even though I work as he gets contribution based not means tested .
I won't lie to you he had to jump through hoops and we nearly didn't bother but a sensible person at the dwp convinced us that he was entitled .

In the first instance call the puk helpline and speak to the benefit advisor , if not you could contact age uk if you are 5O or over they are really helpful.

You may also be entitled to some element of DLA although it is all changing soon.

good luck it's always worth exploring

Hi sky I was in a similar situation to you I had 19 years service with a company and found that I couldn't cope with the work any longer and was paid off. I applied for esa at the end of october 2012( contributions based ) and was awarded it in december, the application process was not too bad I did it on the telephone and was then sent the forms. regards Martin
Hi,Many thanks for the advice,Iam feeling down just now as I have no job to go to.But its early days yet ,it is good you can aplyon the phone now for Benefits.It was through no fault of ny own I got PD, and Ihave paid contributions all my working life,so I hope Imight get some kind of benefit.
Hi There ,Ihave now been retired through ill health,and trying to find out
what if any benefits there are that i can apply for, it seems i am not
entitled to unemployment benefit,having woked all my life, i am 62,paid
contributions all my life,what did i pay these contributions for?Where and
what has happened to a life-times contributions?I feel cheated as i have
PD,and for once in my life need a little back from the state.
Can any-one explain the contributions,and why i have paid them all my working
life,to never when i need it not to get some benefit in return.