Bereavement and spike in symptoms

Hi i have 2 adult children a daughter 28 and son 25 my daughter has 2 boys 11 and 6. 4 weeks ago today my son came home from nightshift (he lived with his dad)and found his father had past away he was only 46 we separated when they were young but he was always part of our lives and was there if i needed him he was a doting father and grandfather and very popular we are absolutely devastated :blue_heart:. Since all this happened my symptoms have spiked right up my anxiety is horrendous my lower back is really stiff along with my legs and im getting nerve pain in both arms and legs randomly im exhausted most of the time, my son has since moved in with me so we had to change my 3 bedroom flat around and its still not sorted the mess is driving me crazy. My daughter has took his death really bad and has had to take time off work luckily she works for the nhs and they have been great. Obviously anxiety is going to be an issue with a sudden death (we still dont know how he died we are awaiting blood and fluid results) is anxiety a big thing with PD? I havnt been diagnosed as of yet but have almost all symptoms and almost positive i will be diagnosed once i see neurologist and start the process. Im a strong woman when it comes to my mental health as i had a breakdown years ago and for through it with a lot of hard work but i know how to manage anxiety when it pops its ugly head out now and then but im struggling at the minute the dr gave me 10 days diazepam and i only take if i really need them. So i guess im asking does PD alone (not medicated)bring anxiety on?

Hi Jaye Jaye…My husband is the PWP…and has always been very laid back in every aspect of life but since his PD diagoisis 6 years ago anything out of his normal routine will send his PD symptons through the roof and his anxiety levels hit 100%…so stress will compound PD symptons massively…and you are going through a very sad and stressful situation…I am sending you a massive hug💕

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Yeah very stressful as im having to be there for my daughter, son and also grandsons while also grieving myself. Im very laid back and as stated i can manage no problem with anxiety but it has hit the roof along with my symptoms im fighting with all i have for my pain and stiffness but struggling with walking as my legs and back are so stiff i take codeine for my nerve pain and it seems to relax my shoulder pain but as soon as i do anything slighty over i just stiffen right back up. I honestly cant wait until my appointment comes through so i can get the right meds for this as im walking like a robot in slow motion lol.

Sorry what is PWP im new to this so learning

Yes, definitely