Best Android Medication reminder apps uk

Does anyone know of a android app that will remind me 4 times a day at 4hr intervals to take pills ?

Want a simple one, as most seem to want your medical history and date etc that they use sell you stuff or organise other aspects like prescriptions etc that I don’t want.

Most insist on you enter medication detail but non so far recognise madopar presumably because they are US based and its called something else there?

The rest either have rubbish reviews reports they don’t work

Don’t mind paying a few bob for app if it does what I want

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Hello Hugh … Here is a tip that will cost you nothing. Get your mobile phone which must have an alarm. Mine is very old & does. Alarm 1 to go off at 8am. Alarm 2 12pm. Alarm 3 at 4pm & Alarm 4 at 8pm. You will then get a choice of days … One will be every day of the week. Click that option.

Hope I’ve explained it well enough.

Best wishes

thanks found a good alarm app and just set it up

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Which one did you go for Hugh?

I wonder if Parkinsons On would do reminders.

Its called alarm clock Xtreme for play store, seems nice and user friendly with a few unintrusive ads you can get rid of for around £2

I use Medisafe. Gives me a weekly score and can be set up with a reminder to restock. Happy with it.

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I bought a cheap smartwatch, it vibrates on my wrist whenever I need tablets and doesn’t need to be connected to my phone to work. The vibration is impossible to miss.

I downloaded the Parkinson On Appt, it keeps you on track.

I also use Medisafe, it has a free version and no ads

I have a watch and you can set alarms at various times very convenient.