Best armchairs

Hello everyone, I am trying to find a suitable armchair for my husband. He is finding it increasingly difficult getting up from chairs and especially when meds are starting to wear off. We are both reluctant to get one that tilts etc as we feel that he’ll stop using his arm muscles to push himself up and his muscle strength will start to decline. Also what happens when we go to places that don’t always have chairs with arms? People are usually very helpful if they see us struggling to get him up but at home of course it’s just me. As I said he can still get himself up eventually but it is a struggle and worse at certain times.
I’ve looked at Ross Care online but they seem very old fashioned looking! I’m just looking for a nice smart armchair with good support. Hoping someone has some good tried and trusted recommendations! Thanks in advance. Jean

Hello Jean1

Before you splash out on a new chair it is worth having checking technique because he may be able to continue to use the chair you have - of course he may already be doing this.

  1. Transfers up from sitting are more difficult if sitting well back in the chair because the torso and head are heavy and you are moving against gravity
  2. To counter this, if you are able, move forward on the seat until you are sitting on the edge of the seat.
  3. Draw your feet back so they are slightly behind your knees and place your feet at about shoulder width apart
  4. Using both arms push up you will find your head will begin to bring you forward and you will be able to come to standing.

Take your time and if you can do this you will find that your sit to stand transfers are better quality and controlled

If you decide to buy a new chair there are a few things you should be aware of;

  1. the height of the chair. Wearing the shoes or slippers most usually worn the knee should be at a right angle to the floor. Measure from the back of the knee to the floor to get the correct height then Measure from the floor to the top of the cushion when sitting on the chair ie when the cushion is depressed.
  2. The depth of the chair seat should allow the knee to be at the correct angle and support the person when sitting comfortably upright. Avoid chairs that dip down at the back it’s like going uphill when trying to stand up
  3. The arms of the chair need to be a good height for pushing up from but also to rest arms when sitting.

I hope this helps

Hello Tot, and thanks for your speedy response. Yes, we have been shown how he should be getting up from sitting. Sometimes he’s OK but other times he just can’t do it without my help. I don’t mind of course but he is quite heavy for me to pull up on my own… I’m constantly telling him that he needs to shuffle forward on the chair and tuck his legs well back, indeed he had total knee replacement last November and one of the exercises the physio gave him was exactly that. He also struggles getting in and out of bed most nights and ditto getting in and out of the car. He is currently attending a balance class which is chair based exercises and they do seem to spend time practising getting up from armless chairs etc so I was hoping this would help. It is so frustrating for him and me, especially as once he’s up he can walk OK and climb our very steep stairs! I’ll take your chair buying tips on board before we start looking. I hope others who may read this and have the same problem will also have some advice. Thank you again. Jean