Best call alert button""

Hi everyone

Just a quick question, which emergency alarm response button would you recommend?
For the user to press when they have a fall or such things.

I have been looking about and there seem to be so many, and can't really find many actual user reviews

Thanks for your help
Hello Taggy220,

I use Carelink/lifeline connect which you can get through the local council, you have to pay according to your situation and need two people as contacts if possible if not they send someone out to make sure you are all right. They are really good and if you fall it is better for them to ring for an ambulance or doctor as they usually get them quicker. My friend has had two falls recently and they were extremely good. I hope that helps.
best wishes vivian
Hi Vivian

Thanks very much for that advice, thats the one the OT advised I must admit, they just seemed more expensive than other (not that i'm a penny pincher when it comes to my father health) so was looking about and see what everybody else though/views were

The call alert button I use is actually a mobile phone. It's the Binatone Big Button Mobile Phone BB200. Very easy to use. It has a brilliant feature of a big red alert button at the back. All you do is press and hold that button for 3 seconds and it automatically rings 3 preset numbers and sends them a text message at the same time. The speaker phone is automatically engaged so you don't have to hold the phone. If none of the 3 preset numbers answer their phone it will then auto dial 911. Again with speaker phone. With built in GPS as well it doesn't matter if you don't know where you are they will find you.

Mick, has this phone got a loudspeaker function? Dad cannot hold the phone for long and loudspeaker means he can put it on the table but still talk? Recent emergency (mum had a stroke) highlighted that dad was unable to get help for her by phone as he could not press the buttons or talk / hear due to tremours.Sounds like this is just what we were looking for if it has the extra function too!
hi ,i have a pendant that goes round me neck and if i fall etc,i press button on it and the speaker person can hear you in the bunglow and in the garden as very good.:smile:me mom has the same systom but hers goes around her wrist like a watch with velcro:smile:

We are looking for something to wear around the neck which he can press and then I could hear him in the house. What make is it?

Hi.. I have lifeline button I wear around my necnec. Iit goes off anifd I feel I can cope it has a button that cancels the call, so you know that you are not being a nuisance, but when you need someone, they will come. I also have key safe if it is the emergency services that come. It was set up by our local social services. I had to self refer because I had not been dx and I thought problems were from a stroke a few years back and I had a very unhelpful gp at time. Acgood gp will refer to social services I think, but on your local social service site there should be a self referral page where you explain your problem then they will get you assessed and sort it out.ancel  ithe loudspeaker phone thing can hear you from most of the house and they place it in a good position to do sooudspeaksooudont know if that helps?ontpeak.