Best food with Sinemet

most people are aware of the advice to take Sinemet at least 30 minutes before food or an hour after food. Initially I didn’t need to follow this advice but now 6 years in I have to follow this advice otherwise the Sinemet has little effect.

It’s easier said than done, trying to balance medication, food, exercise and other life complications!

So, I’d be interested in hearing which foods have the least effect on Sinemet.

I tend leave my high protein food to the evenings when I’m home for the night as these impact my medication most.

When I have to eat something close to medication I find that bananas tend to work quite well and provide an energy boost before my exercise.

As anyone else found a food that works well for them?

(Obviously maintaining a well balanced diet is essential!)

Hi Mark, my hwp has lived with PD around 8years now. It’s only in the last couple of years he has realised how much diet does indeed affect his daily quality of life. For him, protein has to be restricted to evenings like you mentioned. If he has activities planned that require him to be ‘on’… then we modify what the meals are that day. At least one hour before food he takes his medication. Funnily enough, like you, bananas are OK for him too! Over time he is daily identifying what he can get away with, eg… he can eat one egg… but not two at the same time or else it robs him of the levodopa. Obviously everyone is different, but quite frankly I don’t think enough information is given to people with a PD diagnosis to get them to experiment with diet factors. We have learned most from our own research, this forum, movers and shakers podcast, and the many contributers to both of those platforms. We are still working on the exercise factor to help with daily living… but at least we feel we have tools to help other than just medication. Balanced diet is of course important, everyone will have their own experiences of what works best. We look forward to reading about other people s success.

Good evening MarkP4 … I am nearly 70, I was diagnosed with Atypical Parkinson’s about 8 months ago, after a positive Datscan. I have been on Sinemet for about
4 weeks. I now take 6 pills a day. My main “Super Powers” are gait freezing & difficulty walking. Only a slight tremor & can’t often sleep & I have fatigue. I consider my Parkinson’s symptoms mild. I also have Neuropathy & Arthritis which both might impact my mobility.

I only have one meal a day. Any time after 1pm depending on what I am doing. I only eat chicken or fish with potatoes & veg. Also have a pudding with custard.

I am slim & I now do exercises when I am not indoor bowling.

I take 2 pills 3 times a day. 7am 1pm & 7pm. I find my Sinemet pills neither help nor hinder & I have had no side effects taking these pills at all.

Hope the above is of interest.
Best wishes

Thanks Steve.
I’m surprised that your Sinemet is not helping, especially as you’re taking it on an empty stomach. I guess we’re all different which is why the disease is so difficult to treat!

Thanks Jandc,
I’m going to make a list of foods that have minimal effect on the Sinemet medication.
So far I’ve only found bananas (good job I like them!) :grinning: