Best mattress for Parkinsons

I find it very difficult to get out of bed in the morning because I am so stiff and have aches and pains everywhere, can anyone suggest a mattress which could improve this. Thanks.

Unfortunately I’m having the same issues as you. I currently have a memory foam mattress but it’s not that good, it moulds my bottom in to it so when I sit on the edge of the bed, it’s uncomfortable unless I’m sat in the moulded bit, but then that’s uncomfortable too!

Money has been tight since I had to give up work so haven’t been able to look into replacing it yet.

Good luck to you tho, I hope you are able to find one that is suitable for you x

I recently bought an excellent mattress and am much more comfortable in bed. We are all different. I joined Which for a month for an introductory offer of £1 and used their recommendations to choose a mattress that suited my needs. I no longer get up in the morning as a stiff aching Peter Crouch tribute act.

@Margs1 have you thought about a bed support Handel. I have had one provided free by Norfolk community care services and it’s U shaped about 1 foot from my pillow and gives me something to grab and help me in getting in and out of bed. Doesn’t help with the aches and stiffness but certainly makes it easier to get out of bed. Just a thought :blue_heart::sunglasses:

Thanks for all your comments. Food for thought.

nice one Jon, our local library has a subscription to Which - we use that whenever we want to buy something substantial :smile:

You are right to ponder this one carefully. My partner found a memory foam mattress made things worse – stiffness in the night was causing pain, but the memory foam moulding itself to my partner’s body shape meant it was harder to turn around because the mattress basically kept the body in the same position. When we have stayed in places with soft mattresses the problem was similar. We currently have a thick, so-called orthopaedic (not particularly soft) mattress with a thin Sultan mattress pad from Ikea on top and it seems to have helped. And as a carer, it’s been comfortable for me too!
Hope you get the problem sorted soon.

Hi all
I just want to clarify something. My mattress that I recently purchased is a memory foam one. It is extremely firm and causes no problems with moving around the bed. I would suggest choosing a mattress on its attributes ie firmness and support. There are good and bad memory foam mattresses and good and bad orthopaedic ones. It really is worth using as much info as you can to choose a new mattress.


apart from our firm mattress, My Hubby has pd & relies on the bed guard at the side. We also have a satin sheet, special that helps you slide out.
Hope you get sorted.

Hi Margs1

Our local OT department, (accessed through rehab services after my husband broke his hip) , provided something called a Dyna-pad Overlay - it is made of foam (not memory) and the top side is cut into small squares like a grid that extend to about half the depth of the mattress.(I didn’t know this till I just looked) Whole thing has a waterproof cover which is also handy. I think it is wonderfully comfortable (not that i get to sleep on it mind you) and it seems to have helped OH.


Sorry to revive an old thread but I was looking for a mattress and this came up as the main topic so instead of starting a new thread I was seeing what everyone decided on?

From what I can tell memory foam doesn’t really do the job, so I’ve been looking for a hybrid mattress and using to compare them. I was thinking the Noa or Dreamcloud as they both have edge support.

and if needed get a topper to firm it up later.