Best slippers?

Hi, new to the forum.

Thanks for letting me join.

My elderly mother in law tends to shuffle when walking.

I think her slippers are a trip/fall hazard on the carpet.

Any tips for a safe pair of slippers? (non stick AND non slippy?!??)


Hi @jerweejee and welcome to the forums, I’m sure our other members will chip in with good suggestions as to what footwear works best for them.
Access to health services is difficult at the moment, but your mother in law may benefit from some input from a physiotherapist or occupational therapist. They will be able to suggest techniques that can help combat her tenancy to shuffle and advise on footwear and anything else that can keep her safe at home. Do ask her GP or Parkinson’s clinic for input as health services open up again.

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Hi, I’ve got some incredible slippers that have elastic at back. I’m afraid they are expensive but have a look at mahabis on web x

It might be worthwhile looking at the floor as well as the slippers. I recently replaced a carpet with laminate (because I thought it would be easier to scrape my supper off!) and found that I was walking better.

I’m a big fan of Shoe Zone for all footwear. Huge range of velcro fastenings and good prices.

Welcome to the forum! Glad to have you here. For your mother-in-law, consider slip-resistant slippers with a grippy sole. Look for options labeled as non-slip or non-skid, designed to provide traction on carpets. These types of slippers can help minimize the risk of trips and falls. Wishing you and your mother-in-law safety and comfort!