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Hello - I am here as I am concerned about my brother. He has had a tremor for several years - however tests done long ago were inconclusive. Only recently he has stayed with us for a whole week on his own, and he seems to have other symptoms now, which he hides with many coping mechanisms: a shuffling gait, inability to move his neck, increased tremors in his hand. His speech is sometimes slow and slurred and he says himself he becomes easily upset and has real tears. Could these all be interrelated and be Parkinson’s? I do feel for him and wonder how I can support him?

Hi. Inconclusive tests done a while ago mean nothing as it is often difficult to diagnose parkinson’s disease and related conditions in the early stages. Many people here had symptoms for years before diagnosis. Encourage your brother to go back to his doctor so he can be properly diagnosed now he has more symptoms. If it is PD, treatment can help.

So hard. If it is PD, drugs will help manage the symptoms. Can he smell? That’s how we knew my husband had it. Maybe he fears it and does not want confirmation. I know that my husband was terrified when he knew what he had PD ( he worked it out) and did not tell me for a bit and when he did he told me in a way that he thought our lives together as we know them were over. It was such a relief when we actually saw a neurologist who said ‘I can give you 15 good years, go and live your life’. Six years in and that’s what we’re doing.

Thank you for your helpful reply. Having chatted to his wife yesterday she is going to make a GP appointment for him.

Thank u Katy for your very helpful reply. :slightly_smiling_face:I took courage in hands and chatted to his wife, whom I have known since schooldays. As she is not mobile herself, she was unaware on his shuffling and will find a way of making sure he returns to see the GP. The problem seems to be that he is being looked at as having individual minor symptoms. :slightly_frowning_face:. Wishing you and your husband many years of active health. Xx