Beta-blockers for tremor

hi my neuroligist ha put me on beta-blockers for my bad tremor,all over meds have not helped me.ha anyone else had beta-blockers,and if so how did it help you?:smile:
hi ali j..... I have found being on beta blockers so far anyway very positive....tremor less of a problem and muscle tension also lessened .... and also I get less of the odd jerky movements in my arm...and that makes typing easier! I suppose you are on Propanolol?
I’ve been taking Propranolol for 8 ½ years – since what is now clearly PD was first diagnosed as essential tremor. Up to last December (when PD was confirmed) it was my only medication, and at that point I was on 2X160mg slow release capsules daily. I now take Propranolol at 40mg twice daily, as well as Sinemet+ throughout the day. After discussion with my neurologist the Propranolol was phased out earlier this year, but I noticed a worsening effect (which is hard to qualify or quantify now) and my GP resumed it at the lower dose. I can confirm that this is definitely still helpful in my case.
I’m retired now, but I don’t think I’d have completed my full time (with PD, as I now know) in a very demanding job without the beta-blockers. I now try to time the Propranol tablets to coincide with potentially stressful situations.
That's how it was for me - I hope it’s helpful to you.