Bicycling anyone

Wondering if there are any other regular cyclists in the forum. I'm a PwP - going on 18 months since diagnosis - and do about 10 mi per day on the bike. I'm not a very smooth walker so the bike is the way to get around for me. It's a Brompton folding bike - i've got wheels attached to the back rack, which, when the bike is folded, allow me to push the bike like a trolley in the shops. I've had no problems at all in chemists, supermarkets, newsagents. I think people see stiff walking and are a bit more accommodating. I ignore the security guards who say 'no bikes permitted' - if they challenge, I'll ask them if they pemit prams with kids.
Hi D1v1d,
Good on you for persisting with the bike!
I can truthfully say that when I'm on my bike I feel totally free and "normal" ! I use it to get to work and for shopping. In fact I can carry much heavier loads in the panniers and front basket than I do when I'm on foot.
I do choose the time of day when I go out , and avoid mornings around school run time , and also late afternoons when traffic that much heavier.
I have to dismount carefully as I have overbalanced a couple of times, and found myself gently slipping to the ground! So, gently does it , is my motto.
Anyway, keep cycling, it's good for us , saves £,S's and pence, and helps us stay fit and independent.
All the best.
Like the bike!

I use it regularly as transport to work - not ten miles but two and a bit, but enough so that walking or running it takes both time and energy, which I haven't got somedays. I also use it for longer rides at the weekend sometimes, when not going for a long run.

Really nice not to feel the consequences of stiffness.

Stick with it.
Cycling is good for us! Especially on a tandem as stoker with a fit captain on the front seat, it seems. It is worth reading this article about research done:
As you can see from my username I am a keen cyclist and hope to continue.
I have been dx 13 months and providing I pace myself I can cycle upto 40 miles a day.( On a good day)

For those who are less coordinated there are lots of different bikes which can be easier to use. The back of a tandem is one and recumbant bikes are another.
Trikes are not as easy as they sound, going round corners is difficult.
Coed y brenin in Mid wales has just opened a special mountain bike course for all these special bikes, so that those using these bikes can still have the thrill of mountain biking down technical tracks.
Personally it is not what I want to do. I like quite lanes with good scenery and a cafe with good cake.
I live worcestershire/west midlands area and if anyone would like to meet up for a ride get in touch.
Would you be interested in cycling The Avenue Verte? It is a planned cycle route between London and Paris via Newhaven and Dieppe.

Return would be by by Eurostar; we could probably do the trip in a week. If UK side too daunting we could maybe take the train and cycle only in France where most of the route is off-road. I lack the confidence or strength to do it on my own. Perhaps 3 or 4 cyclists minimum to give each other support.

I'm not a strong cyclist and would need to train for it.

I know there are organised trips based on sponsorship but I'm not ready for fund raising yet; perhaps after. Anyone interested?