My doctor has changed my medication for cholestral control 10 days ago, this has interfered with my treatment for Parkinson's stopped the simvastatin on instructions from the NHS Direct on Saturday, I am still having very bad pain in my leg muscles and joints, has anyone experienced this problem.
perhaps you should go back to see your doctor. in what way was it interfering?
My husband takes Simvastin along with co-careldopa and has had no side effects with either. I would see your doctor and discuss this with him.
I take simvastatin with ropinirole and am not aware that it causes any problem.
hello I'm still having pain and discomfort in my foot, but has got better since I stopped taking simvastatin, I take Madapor caps for my PD, with a patch to get me through the night. Doctor has adviced me to wait another week before he decides if I can go back to my previous tablet which gave me no problems at all. cheers