Hello everyone ive had a great day to day been out with couple lads on a bike ride not peddle power lol rode 150miles today bit cold but loving life to the full with Parkinson’s disease it can be done gonna join a gym this year tone down keep fit looking forward for dry day next week end to ride again

Hi, you did great to bike that far. My husband was a biker, he had a Kawasaki Vulcon 800. When his legs got bad he put a sidecar on it. It was a great outfit. Sadly when he was taken so ill contracting Sepsis after a knee operation he wasnt able to ride it anymore, he really misses it. Hope you have many more years to enjoy your bike.

Hi Lgee agree74 thx for the reply i have a Suzuki gsxs750 glad your hubby had many years of biking if i couldn’t ride be like ripping my heart out

Hi calv1960…Im new to the group my Husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s last thursday so all this is very new to us.But hearing you say you`ve been out on your bike has put a massive smile on my face.We are Bikers and the thought of my Husband never Riding again fills me with sadness… Bikes have been a huge part of our lives… Thank you for your post… :slight_smile: Ash…

Hi ashblade sorry to hear your news is your husband on meds dont feel you have to go on them your the 1 in control here not the neurologist do wot feels for the better i take it youve had a dat scan ,ime lucky i only have a resting tremor which doesn’t interfere with my biking or driving think positive not negative you have the rest of your life to live live it, if you want to chat ime here

I breathed a sigh of relief when I got my license back with the bike group. I think I would have given in if I couldn’t ride or drive. I find the concentration needed for biking stops my tremor.

Martin '98 R1, 69000 miles from new but little used now (belly in way :wink: and KTM duke

Hi martint123 good to hear you have your licence back hope you have many more happy miles

Thanks, just waiting for it to warm up a bit :wink: