Binge eating

Does anyone find they have oroblems with overeating? My weight has gone up two stone in the last few years. I am desperate to lose weight but cant stop eating.

On mirapexin cr, sinemet, citalopram. Have tried rotigotine patch but they just dont stick.

With regard to rotigotine patches, I had the same problem, I used microporous tape to stick them down. Strangely, it was those patches that made me stuff my face with bread and carbs. I became very overweight.

Anyway, at the moment I am using intermittent fasting - there is lots of information on web. I stop eating at 6pm and do not eat anything until 10am the following morning - that’s 16 hours with no food. I drink black coffee or decaff near bed time.

Good luck.

Sounds like they arent the answer then. Thanks for responding

I have the same problem with binge eating. This occurs anytime between 7pm to bedtime. It is difficult to lose the weight I have put on.

I read that when dopamine levels get low we seek food as eating is a pleasure experience and raises dopamine levels, like exercise or sex. These are things compulsive behaviours involve.
I wonder if I feel inclined to over eat as do not take meds after 6pm so may be a response to less dopamine?

I tried the fasting idea for me it is easier to stop eating after 6pm as once I start eating dont seem to be able to keep portions under control.

I am building up the days when I ‘fast’ gradually. Have lost some weight doing this but also have cut back on the sugary stuff.

Have swopped from Requip XL ropinerole to Just taking Sinemet but not much difference in over eating behaviour.

It is tough to maintain a healthy weight , for some losing too much weight a problem. Not great either way.

Good Luck x

Hi, relate to this chat,
I have put a stone and half on eek don’t know how to stop over eating, doesn’t bother me during day,but get munchies around 6pm till bed time and unfortunately sweet things , always had sweet tooth but went gym and swimming and had 2jobs always dashing about, stopped driving now and had to stop work in June last year so have to depend on hubby and daughter to get about ,I wear patches and take sinmmet and slow release at bedtime also having trouble sleeping and a lot of pain in knees and ankles , need painkillers when gets to bad , up all hours of the night have around 4hours sleep then bing wide awake ,then crash after couple days because sooo tired , any ideas anyone , would be greatful.laney

yes I think I can definitely join the ‘club’, since starting on Sinimet last September I have put on weight, around a stone and a half. Think we will all be starting on the ‘lose weight’ campaign with you TeeHee…


Has anyone tried swimming you may not loose weight but it focuses your concentration and is good muscular exercise

Thanks for the swimming suggestion yes exercise great.
The issue is compulsive eating which may be linked to medication.

I accept that swimming is a way to stop eating as I hate soggy sandwiches, my local takeaway does not deliver to my local swimming pool.

I also find after being diagnosed with PD I am no longer able to multi task. Gone are the days when I could swim, have a glass of wine and olives at the same time.

:grin::joy::smiley::smile::sweat_smile: hope you have a sense of humour.


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Sleepless nights and lack of energy a problem for sure. It is hardwork to maintain an exercise programme and of course few of us can do as much as we used to do.

Not sure how to combat the compulsive desire to eat more. That is why opted for a couple of days when stopped eating after 6pm but like you wake up in middle of the night and not long before I am sneaking down to the fridge for a ‘snack’ .

I know it is willpower but the compulsive nature of some of the pd drugs is hard to conquer.

Keep trying folks , am thinking of low calorie snacks so I can snack and munch on as few calories as possible.
Trying sugarfree gum,
Sucking sugarfree diabetic sweets,

Its is tough but lets give it a go, any tips are welcome .


I know that swimming is good but i get a lit of cramp and thats really scary in the pool. I am a strong swimmer but cold water just sets it off.

Evenings are my worst time for eating. I take a slow release mirapexin in the morning so msybe taking late in the dsy might help. Worth a try.

Have also stripped the house of goodies. If it isnt here i cant eat it. Lost two pounds last week but its really hard work and very slow peogress.

Yes swimming, used to go water aerobics before pd ,erm think may need new Cossie, may have gone up a size or two, very conscious of extra wieght now so puts me off showing my new figure :frowning_face: Also need tepid water local baths freezing and lacking bit of company at times I can go , got exercise bike and treadmill upstairs so have couple times a day ten minutes at a time,and a stepper downstairs for in-between just trying to keep my knees from stiffness and right knee is worse, probably the extra wieght not helping so have to knuckle down and do something about it, like reading tee hee comments always makes me smile, you all help so much glad I found you all x

Laney star and oxfordgills.

I am trying to build muscle back up, apparently body made of muscle burns more lard, so a flabby body does not burn so much relaxing or otherwise, shame but true.

Well done oxfordgills weight loss is greaatm keep at it.

Laney star we must try to lose a bit as its too expensive buying new clothes or swimwear. I am considering giving up and buying one of those kaftans, no , no really must keep chewing the gum and cut down on the wine xxx

Cold water sets my tremor off, I find I swim faster but have trouble stopping.
To be honest I take so long to get dressed afterwards it is getting a bit too tiring.

With Tai Chi, I get out of bed , drive to the class in my PJ’s , exercise drive home and watch telly. Xx

Still finding my way round the forum keep missing the threads anyway having a Saturday night Bailey’s with ice yummy,start diet tomorrow,er no Monday Zumba wed morning good fun dance to bay city rollers hey hey brings back memories, an would you believe,they played shakin all over ,got the giggles ,yes tee hee I agree can’t keep buying new togs ,new day new start .( I promise).

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Hi Reading all your comments spurred me to reply as my husband eats more in the nighttime than he does in the daytime. He has lost all sense of potion control and does weird things like puts half a pot of jam on granola if there isn’t anything sweet (biscuits etc ) to eat. He has put on about 2 in the last 18 months. He doesn’t sleep much at night and just gets up to use the loo, have coffee and eat. Consequently the daytime is pretty much the same as the night food/eating interspersed with periods of sleeping. I must add that he has had a blood infection since May which has curtailed his mobility drastically owing to repeated knee surgery. But life is no fun for him presently and I struggle not to be grumpy with him - we keep hoping that his further knee surgery will prove successful and give him back some mobility and focus. Best Wishes All