Bitter Lemon

Hi Guys - recently diagnosed in April '15 and have noticed (please don't laugh) that I appear to have almost become addicted to drinking (and craving, when I'm not drinking it!) bitter lemon drink; I've also had a few dreams lately of actually swimming in a lake of the green stuff too - has anyone else experienced this odd dietary scenario, linked to PD? Charliefox x

I would chat to your gp ,pd nurse about this !

Hi Charliefox

Had somthing simulare while on requip xl but mine was mini pork pies ,,  have hated them all my life but could not do without at least 4 every day!!!

Now i am of requip i cant stand them again .?.



You don't say if you are on any medication?  Dopamine Agonists can cause obsessive behaviour which can include eating. 


Hi Charliefox

You think an addiction to drinking Bitter Lemon is weird ?

Since contracting Parkinson`s I`ve become addicted to drinking Brake Fluid.

It`s not a problem though - I can stop any time I like  lol

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Hi You need t be thankfull you dont become obsessed with keith lemon!!

LOL - even in my very worst Bitter Lemon moments, I'd never stoop that low Stevie:-)

Hi Jacko - better start worrying when you're on the handbrake turns:-)

Hi Libra Lady - I think your guess here is probably correct; at least you didn't make a joke about it! x

Hi C Cat - the pork pie issue sounds worse than bitter lemon drink problem to me, but thanks for sharing anyway!

Yep when you start eating them for brekys and crave them all day not good!

It seemed to dampen the nausea the Requip xl caused though ?

Hey there,

Maybe it’s not so strange, one of the main ingredients of bitter lemon is quinine (like also in tonic) which is known to fight parasites, malaria and viruses but it also functions as a muscle relaxant… so I think it’s not that strange that your body is urging for it. You can Google about it online. Hope that this reply was helpful.
Have a nice day all.

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I know many people who have Parkinson’s but have never heard of it. Maybe it’s just your individual reaction. What does your doctor say about this?