Black Tea

Hi all,

From the neuroprotective thread I decided to investigate the effect of black tea a little bit more. After some searches on the internet I found that black tea usage reduces risk for PD with 71 %. That's huge. I also read that grean tea does not reduce risk for PD. This fits perfectly with a recent study performed by MJFF in which EGCG was shown to not be neuroprotective; only mildly improving symptoms.

So I started to dig deeper on black tea. I found very interesting results. In a study from this summer it was shown that black tea stimulates autofagy. ( This autofagy process 'removes' alpha-synuclein. This process is orchestred by the teaflavins in black tea. However, what I do not know is whether the teaflavins can cross the Blood-Brain barrier. Anyone knows more about this ?

Are there also people that consume black tea for longer time span ? If so, did it help you in any way with your PD ?
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Excuse my ignorance but is black tea a particular type of tea or just tea without milk?Thanks
Black tea is a specific type of tea. It has nothing to do with the absence of milk. In fact, I read that if you drink black tea with milk, many of the good properties of black tea are destroyed.