Bladder Pain

My wife was diagnosed in 2003 and the medication has become less effective. The main problems are that when she has an "off" (which occurs several times a day) it results in severe stiffness and breathlessness and also very severe bladder pain. This pain is so severe, she often cries out in agony, and has an irresistible urge to urinate although she cannot go. She takes Apomorphine(APO-GO)delivered 24x7 via a pump and also regular Sinemet CR125 together with additional APO-GO delivered by injections. Early in the day this usually works, however, as the day progresses, the symptoms become more difficult to control and the pain is very severe. We have a good healthcare team to help us, but the Parkinson's Nurse Specialist especially has many others calling on her time, so I often feel isolated and helpless. The GP Practice originally prescribed paracetamol then codeine but neither work. They are reluctant to prescribe anything "stronger". Very recently a drug called Lyrinel has been prescribed but so far without any effect. Does anyone else have similar problems, and if so, are there any painkillers available that might relieve this pain? Also, has anyone any experience of Pain Clinics?
Hi BuckMj
This is a link to a Parkinsons UK Question & Answer session on Bladder and bowel problems:

In case this link disappears again I googled "bladder spasms in Parkinsons" to find it. Right at the very bottom of the page you will see mention of Tolterodine as a possible intervention which I originally googled when I read your post. This was given to me five months before I was dx with PD for an constant urge and frequency which was making life very difficult and it worked like magic to calm things down. When I started PD meds and the urgency completely disappeared and I realised it had been an early PD sign for me. I know you say your wife cannot go when this the painful spasm comes on but its all to do with untoward spasms of a certain kind of muscle in the bladder. Two medications are suggested. Also one of the many Parkinsons UK publications - see publications link on the HOME page - is one on bladder and bowel care and you can download it.

Hope this helps

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Thanks for your help in this. I'll mention the two drugs to our GP and also to the Nurse Specialist.