Bloating and Wind

My Sister, Lorraine, has been a Parkinsons sufferer for over 10 years. She often gets a build-up of wind in her stomach, which causes bloating, and she is unable to bring it up herself. I usually have to massage her back to release it and, when it does come up, there is a kind of crackling sound from her throat - it sounds like a volcano! Her face turns red and her eyes water.

During this day when she is up and about, if she has an attack of wind it stops her in her stride - she simply cannot move until it comes up. It paralyses her.

Does anyone else have this problem?
Hi Brenda,
It's horrible and embarrassing when this happens , at usually at the most inconvenient time. This will work with anyone, Parkinson's sufferer or otherwise. Get a cup of really hot water , not boiling, and drink it down in one go , slowly, not too fast. Have it as hot as she possibly can. Guaranteed to make her burp , like a baby getting wind up !

All the best
Can you try that famous yoghurt we're probably not allowed to name on a website? In all supermarkets.