Blue Badge application and new assessment

Hi, has anyone applied for a Blue Badge who doesn't qualify automatically via DLA and has been through the new process for OT assessment?

Any tips for completing the form?

Any clues on what is involved in the assessment?

OH and I think he is starting to struggle more and might qualify for a BB now so starting to fill in the form.
Hi Addled. I get the higher rate mobility component of DLA so I qualify automatically.

I believe the local authority responsible for issuing the blue badges will need a letter from your GP so it helps if you have a sympathetic doctor. I'm sure there are plenty of other people on this forum who can advise you.
Good luck!
I applied for the blue badge when i didn't get any DLA, I was honest about my difficulties and that some days i was fine, others were quite a challenge.

I got my badge straight away and only use it when i need to.

You do have to be honest, the LA issuing the badges know about the fluctuating nature of the disease, if you exaggerate the symptoms, they will know and you may be less likely to be successful ( in my opinion.)

Good luck

P.S. did not need a letter from my GP or consultant.but your LA may have a different criteria.

The DLA were much more rigorous in their investigation, wrote to my GP and consultant before issuing me with DLA.

i live in north east my dad who has had blue badge and is 72 age cannot get the thing back agini because he can walk so far i my slef got dal 3 years ago though my gp and a doctor form dss came to my house to see me so yes it is no good for a lot off poepolbut this is happening all over