Blue Badge Applications and PD

Hello all,
Hoping I can draw on your collective wisdom (again). Has anyone applied for a Blue Badge recently? How did you get on?

My husband was diagnosed with PD in 2014 with an additional diagnosis of Parkinson’s dementia in 2021. His mobility and balance are not very good now, so if he needs to go somewhere I need to drive him.

We are on our second application for a Blue Badge. We applied to the Council (Southwark, London) last year but were turned down (no reason given). His PD Nurse at his last review urged us to apply again and said she would support the application. I applied on my husband’s behalf enclosing a copy of her letter as supporting evidence, but they’ve come back to us asking for “more evidence”. I’m a bit non-plussed as her letter gives chapter and verse: medical history, current medication, an account of his mobility issues, her clinical judgement that mobility and fall risks should be central to his current care plan and her recommendation that he should have a Blue Badge.

My husband is past retiral age so he gets the Higher Rate of Attendance Allowance, not the higher rate mobility component of DLA which would automatically qualify him, so we have to qualify through a “points” system. There may also be an assessment by an OT. This happened during our last (unsuccessful) application, and was done over the phone (unannounced, on a Sunday morning which was a bit odd). I should add that this all varies from area to area so other’s experiences will be different.

It’s getting to be a bit of an issue as there is no parking at all apart from some disabled bays at our local hospital which means parking at some distance and walking the rest of the way (there are a lot of appointments to attend). This is about 10-15 mins at my pace and 15-20 at his. He had a fall on his way back to the car just the other week.

A couple of people have told me to take the form to the local Citizens Advice Bureau and get them to help me fill it out. It is quite a complex form and the follow-up email has asked for an extensive list of supporting evidence - print outs of medical history and medication, evidence from medical specialists of specific treatment and intervention, reports from OTs and social care assessments, proof of walking aids and adaptations (OT report not photos), evidence of measures you are taking to improve your mobility. This is quite an ask! There is all of this for my husband somewhere but how do I access it? They want proof of his dementia diagnosis and medication/intervention and evidence of how it impacts him, but he was discharged after his diagnosis and we have no contact with the local Adult Mental Health Team.

I’m trying not to get too stressed about it, but it seems like a big hurdle to get over.

Good evening catherine … I’ll not be much help as I am in a similar situation. I got the Blue Badge application forms about a month ago & filled them out. I got together all the relevant information they asked for & sent it off to my local blue badge application address. I think they said it would take over 3 months as they are very busy. I’m in Sussex.

I live on the South Coast so perhaps the decision makers will be more sympathetic than those decision makers in London, who seem to be putting every possible obstacle in your path. Making it so difficult that you will give up. Surely that is their aim rather than helping you. I can imagine that they have way too many blue badge holders in their area of London & do not want any more.

Is there a different “home” address you can use for your application?

Perhaps ask for an independent assessment of your husband needs. Or ask to appeal their decision. Do take names of the people you contact with dates & perhaps ask to speak to their senior or ask where you are to send a “complaint to”. Perhaps get a solicitor to write to them on your behalf saying they are being unreasonable. Also when sending information perhaps send it recorded delivery, so it is being signed for.

That’s all I’ve got I’m afraid. Best of luck. You do seem to be deserving of a blue badge.

Do let us know how you get on please.

Best wishes

Thank you for your good wishes Steve. And best of luck to you too! Keep us updated.
My impression is that it depends very much on where you live. A friend in Scotland got one for both her mother and father with very little bother. She also suggested Citizens Advice and they do specifically mention Blue Badge applications on their website so it’s obviously something they get asked about a lot. Looks like a trip to their local branch is on the cards. But I agree, it seems ridiculous that it should be so difficult that you need to use an advocacy service just to get your application in. They do accept appeals so I think we’ll have to go down that route if we’re turned down again.

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HI Cather please look back to my conversation with Welsh lady. JULY THIS YEAR What is hard is that BB are all to do with Mobility and sometimes we are not to bad mobile but what I did was write down all the systerms what we have on PD also If I remember I sent them a leaflet with my letter which was from Parkinson’s uk I think you have to rub it in that there are not 2 days alike, in fact change from hour to hour.

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Sorry Sorry pressed button too soon I think the problem is Councils do not realise that PD is an health some times mobility issue and like you I am on full AA this should make no difference. If you dont have any luck ask a councilor to help.

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Dear Catherine
My husband was turned down for a Blue Badge last year. At the time no reason was given. Five months ago the tipping point came when I was unable to park near the dentist where he had an appointment and actually parked illegally. Fortunately I didn’t get a parking ticket! I rang the council and asked why he was turned down last year and was told I didn’t go into enough detail and didn’t state how it was affecting him mentally not having a Blue Badge. I was advised by someone from our local hospice to fill the form in on how he is on his worst day.
My husband also has urinary urgency so explained the anxiety and stress it caused him and me not being to park near toilets.
I also said he was becoming socially isolated as he was reluctant to go anywhere unless he could guarantee we could park near a venue. eg the cinema or theatre.
I sent copies of all the letters we had whenever he saw consultant or PD nurse. Within four weeks the Blue Badge arrived and it has made life much easier.
So my advice is to stress how it affecting mentally both of you

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