Blue Badge 🔵 then PIP

I went catastrophically downhill only a week ago, and have had to surrender my driving licence.

So, since I now have a medical document describing my difficulties in detail, I applied for a Blue Badge, which was approved the next working day.

The Blue Badge person (at my local council) advised that I should apply for PIP too, since I had to have 8 points to get the badge, which is the threshold for PIP, and so I’m highly likely to qualify.

I thought I’d record the process here, in case it is helpful to others, or if I need help myself.

I don’t use the phone (due to other disabilities) so the first step is to write a letter to ask for an application form.
Personal Independence Payment (PIP): How to claim - GOV.UK (

We have also just received a Blue Badge - which will be a great help.
We have applied and now receive Attendance Allowance together with a 25% reduction in the
Council Tax - every little helps.

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I’m mostly looking forward to using my Blue Badge at the National Trust.

Now they’re open without booking I can resume one of my favourite things - a little walk in the garden and a trip to the tea room. It will be much easier with a Blue Badge as the NT place I visit most has disabled parking at the top of the steep hill, by the tea room, with general parking at the bottom a half mile away.

Today’s post brought me a PIP application form - while I had requested (by post) on August 10th.

It says I must return it by November 30th.

I guess that would lead to a telephone interview - which is not something I could manage.

So I’ll just give up now.

Never give up, ask for a home visit.