Blue badge


Hi, applied for PIP few years ago awarded lowest award for assistance about the house explained about walking made no difference… I applied online to my local authority for blue badge and awarded for three years this was an online assessment not face to face will this make any difference if l reapply for mobility part of PIP?


It shouldn’t do blue badge can be difficult to get as well as is the mobility aspect you will need to answer all questions as you are on you really bad days on form and during reassessment some level of acting may be required here. If you can bear to be assessed un-medicated that is what I would do it lets them see how your condition really is. Also on blue badge application you will be asked how far can you walk without pain my advice as to your answer is NO WHERE the distance is not relevent. Same goes for pip mobility show them your walking is very bad ie with sticks or wheelchair. Good luck xx


Thanks for your input


Hi Graham1,

As you probably know, PIP assessments can be quite complex and they often vary on a case by case basis. You may want to contact our helpline on 0808 800 0303 with any questions you have regarding your PIP assessment and they’ll be able to give you the appropriate advice.

The government also made a recent decision to review all PIP claims and we have details of this on our website.

I hope you find this useful and do keep us posted on progress.

Many thanks,