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This is my first time on the forum and was hoping if you could help me. I’m trying to apply for a Blue Badge but because I’m on the lower band of PIP I’ve been told I cant apply.
I was informed that I could apply to my local council (Reigate & Banstead) who have discretion when it comes to issuing badges.
I’ve looked at the forms and they appear heavily weighted towards mobility rather than the complications and complexities of PD.
If anyone has had any success? I would love to hear from you.
Thanks for reading

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Hi first time on the forum, welcome :smile:
I agree the application does read havly weighted towards mobility but don’t let this put you off applying. I completed my application, ticked relevant boxes, and attached a copy of a letter from my PD nurse, application submitted and was advised I would hear within eights weeks. The following week I had an email to say it had been approved and badge on its way. Good luck!

Thks for reply.
Do you know what was outlined in the report from your PD nurse that swayed the decision?
Obviously i dont want any personal issues .I only ask as i dont have contact with a PD nurse.

Hi, I finally applied for a blue badge for my husband in February this year. He’s had PD for 6 years . As you say the form is very pro ‘how far can you walk etc’ and doesn’t focus on the unpredictable nature of PD. My husband also had a total knee replacement in November 2021, which, for a while further impacted on his mobility.
When I filled the form in I simply answered all the questions truthfully but where there could be ambiguity, I attached post it notes explaining that it was not just about how far he could walk, but the space he needs to enable him to get out of the car. Indeed, since we have had the badge this has been such a boon. It’s great that we can now leave the door wide open while he struggles to get out and also know we won’t be hemmed in on our return! I only wished I’d applied much sooner, but I didn’t realise he was entitled to one. So good luck with your application.

I was struck down with Parkinson’s very suddenly and was diagnosed in the Emergency Department. I applied for a Blue Badge from my local council the next day - using my discharge note. I received confirmation this I was approved less than 24 hours later. The badge took another few days to arrive.

I haven’t applied for PIP - I think the process would lead to my suicide.

Hi I have messaged you directly to your in box :smile:

Having PIP isn’t a requisite for getting a blue badge - you should just apply. My husband has one which was issued when he was still able to walk - attaching hospital notes/letters helps with application.
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Hi Automatics149,
I was allays told to be truthful on these application forms, and I was. First thing you need to do is get a letter from your PD nurse explaining your condition and how it affect your health/life. He/she should be well used to doing this so shouldn’t be a problem. A copy of this letter should be included with your application.
Now for the, “be truthful on your application bit”. Yes tell the truth, but it doesn’t have to be about how you are feeling today, yesterday or even last week. You can tell them how you were on your worst day 6 months ago. Because we all know there are good days and bad days. Who is to know your not feeling at your worst when you apply? This was the advice I got from Parkinson’s advice centre. Phon the PD help line and tell them you are applying for PIP and a Blue badge and someone will phone you back.
I applied for a blue badge with Cornwall Council and got one in a couple of weeks. PIP took a bit longer. I didn’t even have to go for an assessment, it was done over the phone.
Good luck, but remember, be truthful about how you were on your worst day. Doesn’t matter when it was. Oh, with PIP take notes on what you put on your form and refer back to it at your assessment.

Also speak to everyone you know, doctor, consultant even PD help line and tell them you have not been referred to a PD nurse. I know it sounds like you are being pushy I want, gimme, gimme, can I have. Its what you need.
I recently spoke to mine and was referred to a Speach and language therapist and an occupational therapist. Found things out about me I didn’t know. Helped me a lot.