Blue badge


can you get blue badge when diagnosed with pd? How bad does your walking have to be ? 

And  do you have to wait to see how you are on meds?

friends husband made comment on how bad my walking was and suggested get blue badge. But not sure if eligible if meds improve it. On increasing requip xl at mo . Have L leg limp and foot drag . And tend to stagger around at present 


any opinions on it?

Type " blue badge eligibility" into a Google box and it tells you all you need to know.

Love and good luck!


This may help Kittens

Hi Kittens3............ you are entitled to a Free bus pass if you have a Progressive Degenerative Disease, and a Blue Badge if you are on the Higher rate of DLA GG says give it a Google!!!!

Hi,I think the main reason for granting my Blue Badge was the Freezing of Gait problem.

well ive applied on category of difficulty in walking

"you have a permanent and substantial disability which causes inability to walk or very considerable difficulty in walking."

whats the worse think that can happen ....just get refused and i carry on as now!


Ive got a blue badge cos I get the higher rate mobility DLA luckily, I explained my walking is up and down but they still let me have it :-) hope you get it x

Just heard blue badge application approved . No assessment needed


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