Blue Badge

I have been recently diagnosed with PD my mobility some days is poor! Other days not so bad! My friend suggested a blue badge! But I didn't think I would qualify! Living in Scotland! Anyone know!!

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You will qualify for a blue badge if you receive the high rate of DLA  ( mobility component) or if on PIP you receive the mobility component of Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and received at least 8 points in the ‘moving around’ activity in the PIP assessment.

All the information you need is on the CAB site for Scotland.

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Should just mention, if you are not receiving either DLA or PIP yet this will need to be the first stop BUT word of advice when doing the assessments is if anything play up the PD. I know this sounds odd but they need to see you on your worst possible day so think about everything that you have difficulty with.

Don't fill these forms in thinking well I can do that if I'm having a good has to be your worst day and fill in the forms using that thought process. 

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Thanks a lot Beth xx

Anytime winkIf you need anything else, just buzz xx

A couple of pointers

PIP is about your inability to do the tasks in a s

afe and t

imely manner for the majority of the time in most cases without assistance of a carer or physical aid, even if you don't currently have either.PIP is to help pay for things that improve your position, not a handout to claim because you can, though many may view it as there's little else available so I want it.Use the PD UK teamfor help on completing the forms





2nd point.  Blue badges are about enabling you to get out and about.  I stressed the key benefits are being able to use wider parking bays or the street so I can fully open the door to lever myself out and not be trapped by another car parked after me.

Also explain your medication wears off and there are often gaps leaving you vulnerable. Being able to park close by in a space where you know you will be able to get in is a critical need while out as it gives you a reliable safe haven while you wait for your next dose of meds to kick in.

Hi Kendo,

I feel that while I agree with your comments on the blue badge your comment "not a handout to claim because you can, though many may view it as there's little else available so I want it."   That's a little harsh is it not? Everyone's circumstance is different.

Wherever possible with PD you try and carry on like life is the same, you continue to work and struggle on trying to convince yourself that you can do the same things you always did at the same speed and with the same ease. Truth is the further in you get you soon realise that even trying to turn over in bed isn't as easy as it once was, getting dressed/undressed without help is a challenge, making a sandwich seems to take a lifetime, and carrying a drink from one room to the other without spilling any of it is near impossible let alone actually being able to pour it in the first place.

PIP will evaluate you and come to their own conclusion as to how or if they can help you, it depends on if you can still manage to look after yourself without risk. Most people who receive PIP or DLA receive it because they have no choice but to seek all the help available to them and they are GENUINE people.....I agree there are some scum bags who claim it when they have a "bad back" and are seen labouring or something but that's why the claims process is so thorough now, to wheedle out the fakes.

If its what my fiancee said in her post about fill out the forms as if its your worst day that made you feel like adding a comment it was because when we first filled the forms in it was what we were told to do by my Neuro, GP and PD Nurse. I convinced myself that there was nothing wrong with me but its not until you look at your daily routine you realise that yes you can still do it but you cant do it like everyone else and that's the whole point.

At the end of the day I bet if you asked everyone on this forum which they would prefer Parkinsons and to get PIP "just because they can" or to go back to a time when the closest you got to PD was a TV program I know which I would career, my certainty of my own future, to be able to look after my family financially and to not have to wake every morning to take tablets all day just so I can move!

You should always get professional help to fill in these forms, I agree, but why shouldn't people get what they are entitled to? I worked since I was 15 and continued to work for 9 years after I was diagnosed and never claimed a thing in my life!



i think thers nothing to worry about beth13 ,i tell you this they make it sold hard to get benifits to people who have worked all there life,& so easy for people who have not paid a penny tax ! need help in filling forms in or see what eles your entiled to find your local pd support worker top of page.


Q: How do you explain something in depth when your Brain no longer works?.

if i can explain why i cant do it does that make me able?.


If i cant explain why i cant do it does that make unable?.

And yes i have applied for PiP i was assessed the other day, and soon i have to go through esa Again, what i couldn't do in 2014 i cant do in 2016 even less so physically and mentally.


oh and i'd like a blue badge not only for me but my elderly parents one had a stroke the others got cancer, they wont be around for ever then it will just be me living with this or going through the motions of it.

Both excellent points sea angler - I couldn't agree with you more. When I advised Edinburghman to fill out the forms as if it was a worst day it was because I have seen so many people who deserve PIP or DLA and dont get it, or have to jump through hoops for months -  they qualify for it in every aspect but because the people assessing the case dont understand the disease they say "oh so you can walk "X" amount of yards....well yeah.... you can but can you do it like someone who hasnt got PD? No.... My OH changes day to day, some days hes good he can walk to the church at the top of the village, other days he wouldnt get to the front gate before falling over his own feet or freezing.

I had first hand dealings with these people when they assessed my dad. Now although he doesnt have PD he has many many other illnesses which mean walking is virtually impossible without an aid of some kind. COPD, Emphysema,Bronchitus, Myopethia which is the worst as it causes his legs to shake like crazy when he stands up. He is breathless most of the time, weak most of the time but he gets on with it...Now the first time he did the assessment he didnt get awarded anything because he could still do all the activities, all be it slower but he could do them.he pushed himself to do them and made himself ill for weeks afterwards...anyway he didn't score enough points. I went nuts when I found out and contacted them, appealed and the next time he had an assessment they sent someone who specialised in heart problems and COPD, what a surprise he got the high rate mobility because his illness is ever changing, it cant be monitored or pinpointed because it changes on the hour, depends on the weather even. Thats my point.....and the difference? Understanding the disease you are assessing!

My apologies if I offended anyone with my comments but I just feel that everyone is different and we dont have the right to question other peoples decisions when we have no idea of that persons situation. Parkinsons is still so misunderstood by so many professionals and there are so many people out there who should be getting help that dont because of the ignorance of the disease.

My OH tried to carry on working and just couldnt manage it, I have since had to give up work so I can be a full time carer for him so that's two careers down the drain through no fault of our own, our household income went from over 50k PA to zilch overnight so we did not think twice about getting everything we could get in order to have some quality of life, we are by no means rich ( I wish) but we cut our cloth accordingly and scrape by and certainly didnt go for it just because we could as was suggested in a previous post!

Sea angler I wish you the best of luck with your PIP claim and hope that you can apply for that blue badge soon to help ease your situation xxx


Best Wishes to all,



My comments were indeed aimed at the worst day scenario. The posts on this forum are viewable by anyone and anything that gives the impression that a person with Parkinson's should treat the PIP process as a challenge to get money is missing a key benefit of the process itself. I helps you identify exactly what equipment or services you need to assist. However , my choice of words have quite rightly been challenged. I began reading the replies wishing I'd not posted a reply. But the sheer volume of the reaction and the quality of the points made are a great addition to forum. I can't claim I was seeking a reaction but almost wish I had. I do apologise if anyone was offended by my posts. K

Hi Kendo,

Thank you for taking the time to reply. Indeed the process itself is there to help people it is not a money pig and maybe my wording was not too crash hot either as Ive just re read my post and can see how it may be misconstrued by saying " play up the PD"! Wrong wording.....No one should EVER lie on these forms or assessments be honest and truthful.

That said... a lot of people who I know with PD, my OH included when first dx'd are in denial and when you have to sit and analyse your condition that is hard because you realise just how much of your everyday life IS being you put your brave face on and  say your okay with everything, all the time..therefore you cover up what's really going on and end up ( in some cases) not getting the help and support that you actually need.

I  hope that makes sense confused

Best Wishes

Beth x


I'm not offended Kendo or Beth

We can read in the latest news bit the Gov had dropped the top Neurological Role, why would they do that?, has our illness's become un-important?,  the assessor claimed she knew a fair bit about PD, maybe she did or maybe she was just saying that, but she asked during and after my assessment if i had seen a physio?, a speech therapist?, had my eyes been checked?, a occupational therapist? to assess alterations around the house for me and my parents, I realize her job has an Agenda for the Government and that is what shes paid for she would soon be out of it if she didn't go by the Governments ever changing Goal posts. but she seemed genuinely concerned why i hadn't been seen by them. That of course doesn't mean my assessment went favourably I don't expect it will when you read a man with half a skull was recently found fit for work or Beths experience or others you can read on the forum.

All i could say was they had been mentioned but that is as far as it has gone,mentioned, I applied for Pip because when i was diagnosed I was told by my Gp there would be All this Support behind me. behind all of us we hope.

My opinion is that many people, newly diagnosed, claim PIP and are refused because they do not meet the criteria. This then MAY impact on those who have had P for many years and claim and whose claim is, as a result, subjected to scrutiny. To put on the form your worst case scenario is fine but NOT to elaborate to more than just that.


It's compliated I dont know the ruls in scotland but can get blue bdge if can prove moblity issues here. I cant driv becaue of seizures  but oh hadgiven up taking me places because geting there left me too exhusted to do anythng on arrival. bluebadge has helped in that and we dogo kuta bit now. I was feeling trapped in own home. tha is not a good thing.