Blue badges

Hi all,

I am working on a project looking at the changes to the Blue Badge scheme and the impact this has had on people with Parkinson's.

Have you been turned down for a blue badge? Or been called in for a reassessment?

If you have had any issues, please let me know on 020 7932 1362 or [email protected]

If we find there is enough evidence, we will look at taking action on the issue.

For more information on the changes, please see a web story from March this year.



Press and Policy Assistant

one of my Facebook friends has just sited that she has been turned down for her renewed badge because she can manage to between one lamppost and the next. I have pointed her in your direction .

Thanks Johnnie, that's really helpful.



I have just had my blue badge renewed after completing the online form for Dorset.  I stated that when I don't feel able to walk more than 50m at the outset, I don't go out alone.  I then explained the nature of PD is that while I'm out the meds can go off and i need to know my car is relatively close to shuffle back to, so I can suffer the more extreme symptoms in relative privacy, while I wait for my meds to kick in again.

This appears to have got the message across that for PwP our cars are as much a safe haven as mere transport.  I received the email confirming renewal within 24hrs.

Of course, the real price of timing meds so you can drive to go out alone is at 2.30 am your tremor keeps you awake as you've had to adjust your meds timings to stave off the ever increasing number of pills used up before your monthly script runs out early.  But that's a whole other topic.