Blurry Vision

Hi There, Not been on here for a while, but lately have had blurry vision. Went to see the opticians, who checked my eyes, saying they were quite healthy, spart from the beginnings of cataracts.
Could this be due to my PD? Has anyone else had this?

Any help with this would be welcome.
Thank You,

Hi Carol,
Some PWP have reported blurry vision as a side effect of medications. We found an older forum thread here that has some helpful information. While you’re sure to receive some great data from our lovely community, we encourage you to speak to your GP and Parkinson’s Nurse about any changes like this, of course. You can also give us a call at 0808 800 0303 to speak with a trained adviser.
Best of luck with this, and all things,
Moderation Team

I’ve had cataracts and subsequently I was diagnosed with PD. I hadn’t connected the two and no one mentioned the likelihood of a connection. I have since had them removed once they impacted on my daily life.