Blurry vision

Has anyone had the problem of smudges in there vision, In my left eye I have a constant what appears to be a smudge on my glasses, when I remove my glasses it is still there.
I had an eye test told they don’t see any problems, I’ve been to see the doctor she said it is not visible but my a side effects of my medication.
Does anyone have the same problem?

Thanks Davesan

I spent months trying to push my hair back because it was obscuring my vision, and then a routine test found the beginnings of a cataract. Perhaps try to get another test in a different place?

Hi Mosie

Thanks for your reply yes I have done the same thing with my hair even I done have much hair left.
Having been to for an eye test & Dr you would have thought that they would have seen any thing? As I am also a Diabetic T2 and have regularly hospital eye test last one only 6 months ago.
Will give the Diabetic clinic as see if I can have a eye examination let’s see

Thanks again always good to hear from others going through this mad unpredictable time.

Are your tear ducts working ok? My optician told me to hold a warm cloth up to my eye it worked! I have type one diabetes.

Hi Keepon
Never tried that will give it a go, I will report back.