Bob Hoskins joins the Parky Club

Bob Hoskins … welcome to the Parky Club
By Fellow Parky member - Australia

There is an exclusive club … many don’t know about
Its members keep to themselves … about it they don’t shout
Money cannot buy you a membership card for entry is reserved
For special people with a high IQ and good looks to be preserved

No special card is given out … no ritual is performed
You simply join this special club … the day that you’re informed
The membership is given out by a specialist not just a GP
Sometimes the honour falls on a professor … of Neurology

Unlike Masons … there is no secret hand signal for members to make
You may glimpse a lack of facial expression or a limb may start to shake
Sometimes members keep the secret from friends and family
Explaining symptoms to old age … or just a gammy knee

Alas some notable members have joined … from the World of celebrity
We’ve had MJ Fox, Kathryn Hepburn even the great Mohammed Ali
We now welcome Bob Hoskins who joined our Parky club today
Your “Movers and Shakers” lifetime membership is free … there’s no need to pay

All the best Bob … keep fit, smile and find acceptance
the smallprint

there is a fee
- an installment plan
monthly payments will increase
you may have difficulty
meeting your obligations
and you future
may be repossessed
A message to Mr Hoskins


You'll probably read this forum in the next few weeks. Sorry you've had to join us, but we'll do our best to help you with any questions you might have. All in all it's a bit of a bummer but continues and good times can still be had.

Count your blessings

Best wishes

ps my little subscript is not too be taken too seriously.
there is, of course, the possibility that a famous actor has got better things to do.
my favourite of his work is pennies from heaven, i am a huge (in more ways than one) fan of the wonderful Dennis Potter. i am now off to watch it on you tube!
he was a great little mover
Hi Bob and welcome to our world! Sometimes I think we should be the
"non-movers and shakers"

Sorry you're joining us, but just whatever else you do, get all the info and knowledge you can. There's lots out there, people will support you ,Ive found that out here. Just don't eat spagetti with tomato sauce when your in a restaurant and wearing a white top!:grin:
or peas!
Hello Bob, Glad your with us but Sad the reason why , there are times Im so
Frustrated by BLACKHEART PARKY it makes me want to cry ,Im 62 and counting where
did the time all go ,my mind still thiks Its 30 (yrs) but my body screamsNO NO
I used to operate an extremely large digger ,,with ease Id knock things down,
Now Im the one that's flattened, PARKYS come to town, I hate it with a venom I
did not know I had ,some days pass you would never think I had it , and next
days very very bad Im not much of a poet , in fact this is my first attempt I
Want to show old BLACKHEART I view him with contempt , and so Bob as I said
Great to have you here, so it only remains for me to wish you a Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year.

Regards fedexlike:sunglasses: