BocowoA Reverse Domino Effect

If you define Parkinson’s Disease, as an illness caused by a loss in potency or an impotent signal in the Return aspect of the Synapse Cycle within the nervous system; Whereby, the quality of synapse is diminished, to the point where nerve cells become inactive (no longer responding to kick start the Go aspect of the synapse cycle) and fall away, not to be replaced, thereby simulating ‘the falling Domino Effect’ in progression.

Then by definition, the opposite, found in the return of a more potent signal in the Return aspect of the Synapse Cycle; Whereby, the potency of synapse remains undiminished, to the point, that the nerve cells remain sufficiently active, to maintain, replenish and heal, in a ‘Reverse Domino Effect’ (such that the brain governs and maintains the continuing pattern of bodily improvements) may then perhaps be described as a cure.

By its nature, Parkinson’s Disease is very unforgiving, and to be achieving, seemingly sustainable improvements without the need for any prescribed medication tells me something. Looking at the ongoing good results in the test trial I am upon, the four elements to BocowoA, appear to cleanse, stimulate, revitalise and increase the potency of the signal in the Return aspect of the Synapse Cycle, with a generally favourable response (following the periods of pain) in apparently reversing the disease, with the continuing improvement toward better health, even during periods when the treatment is not administered on a daily basis.

Accordingly, provided a healthy diet, with exercise and physiotherapy, towards healing the damaged nerve tissues, and maintaining a good decompressed spinal posture continues, it appears that the second scenario may well apply and I may currently be in the process of being cured.

In essence, while BocowoA is made up of a combination of natural ingredients and described as a herbal remedy; Because of the nature of Parkinson’s Disease, and the record of the effects upon the body, BocowoA must (in my humble opinion) be considered as a medicine; being sufficiently potent, as to warrant its usage under supervised prescription, and accordingly the ingredients are not being openly publicised.

Please note; the above is without scientific evaluation, as work has yet to be done towards full chemical analysis of all the ingredients in BocowoA, and further tests may need to be undertaken, in way of a full clinical trial.

As the current testing continues, BocowoA can only be described as, an alternative therapy in a patient led trial, that is showing some positive and significant potential in slowing down and possibly reversing the progression of Parkinson’s Disease.