Bodily output

I seem to be producing a lot more "stuff" these days, i.e. earwax, nasal mucus, and the like! Is this just old age, or might it be PD related?


thank you for sharing that.:laughing::laughing:
you know your old when you look forward to going to the barbers for a good eyebrow trim.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


HaHaHa so funny but also so true , a mixture of parkys and old age i think lol

I'm going to clip my ear hair today.

Anyone need hair extensions? Willing to trade for a blood transfusion. O+'ves only p603lease.

I thought I was going mad for a while until I realised that one of the ear-pieces from my iPod was still lodged in one of my ears.

Eeeeh, I remember when having some Mantovani during the night was a good thing.

Now, I just need to find my circuit breaker in case these trimmers go through its own cable. Oh and goggles ...