Body Oils

My daughter saw an article about a company called Essentially Yours who sell products made of various oils.

It has now an oil which is asking people with Parkinson’s to trial and then inform them if it has helped.

A sample has arrived and I am plucking up courage to try. Has anyone else tried this product


I’ve googled Essentially Yours and get a website selling skincare products. There are a number of claims on the site which look suspect to me. Basically snake oil. But I can’t see anything about Parkinsons.

Hmmmm. I too have done the same and have come to the conclusion that it is a big NO.

I wonder how many people get taken in by such people, especially if they are low.

I have Camptocormia a Parkinson related back condition. I have been having more physio and even though the pain was bad, I keep on. The young physio I saw last week told me not to expect being cured (I know that) or to even keep it at this level.

Yes in my heart of hearts know this but to be told so bluntly. When you are at a low point, that is when these tricksters get hold of you. By the way one of the emails I got from them - you would not have believed the spelling.

Thank yo for taking the time to look this up, etc.