Hi, My hubby was diagnosed in 2012 aged 56 but we suspect he started with the symptoms of PD some 3-4yrs beforehand starting with a frozen shoulder. He was prescribed Ropinerole which over the 2yrs has increased in dosage but last month,after we said we didnt feel it was having any beneficial effect, Madopar was added to the mix and in 3 mnths time the Ropinerole will gradually be decreased. Somuch to say but where does one start????? x

I'm the same age 56 diagnosed sept this year on rope role but having no effect . Having intensive physio as having problems walking . She thinks I need to start some levadopa . Finding out next week .

i agree a lot to to take in and more and more questions . Like how soon see effect ? Side effects are worrying but can't live like this .need some treatment that works .

anyway , welcome to forum



Thanks Kitten3,

We have recently relocated to a new area,close to the seaside,nearer to family as we had always said whenwe got older we would like to live by the sea and before we moved my hubby was having physio,speech therapy(to project his voice as his job involves speaking to large groups) and the new specialist here has referred him for the same. You just dont know what is round the corner do you? As yousay a lot of the drugs carry side effects in themselves. When we went to Nottingham in 2012 for the diagnosis wehad read up on PD and we talked about the more sinister side effects of the drugs,such as gambling and hypersexuality but the consultant said those effectd less than 1% of his patients and he had 1,500 on his books and he did say that they could be dealt with if they showed. Over the 2 yrs I haave noticed my hubby is a bit obsessive over certain things and the Ropinerole increased his addiction to sugar! He has always had a sweet tooth and it was when the registrar at Preston(the new location hospital) asked him if he found himself craving sugar since taking the Ropinerole and he was saying nothat I had to butt in and say that indeed he had a much sweeter tooth.The Dr said it was quite common. Anyway, You take care and thanks for your reply.x


Hi kaz62

I've been taking ropinirole slow release for 3 years now, I am on 12 mg once a day with no other meds. They suit me really well and do not have any nasty side effects, but we are all different and what suits one does'nt suit another. Hope your hubby gets sorted with meds that suit him, unfortunatly I think most of the parky meds have some sort of side effects.

All the best Sheffy

Hi Sheffy,

Theres such a vast array of drugs used to treat PD that no wonder its so hard to find what suits the individual? That and the fact that it is such a diverse disease with so many different symptoms.

My hubby started out on 2mg of slow release Ropinerole which over the 2 yrs has increased and he is now on 20mg without much effect and so in October this year Madopar has been introduced and the Ropinerole will gradually be decreased. Some of the Parky meds ive read about have worse side effects than PD itself!!

Anyway, its good to hear that you are doing well on  your medication Sheffy.

Take care.