Boost pd meds

Is there any pd drugs out there which you can take with sinemet to give you a Boost when feeling off period before your other meds ie sinemet kick in.

My husband has dispersible Madopar to use as a boost.

Just crunch and swallow with water.

Works in about 5 to 10 mins.

He is allowed 3 a day.

Good luck!


hi gg I'm finding that my sinemet are taking 1 hr to 2 hrs kick in.will madopar help and what dose and name are your husbands meds cheers gg .gus

Hi Gus

Madopar dispersible tablets.


Take dissolved with water

(if out, he crunches and takes with a swig of water..always carries a small bottle)

Works well for my husband...hope it can help you.

Protein in meal always stops his tabs working so tries to take about 30 mins before eating.



thank you so much,i starting to suffer a bit of  dyskinesa does your hubby suffer at all with this got to the point again having to get a balance with meds & dbs settings. had a nice run at it tho 14 months

My husband doesn't suffer from dyskinesia. Our neuro believes that little and often is the way to avoid it and keep Levadopa level husband takes Sinemet every 2 hours.

I do hope you find a regime that works for's such an individual condition and each person has to go through trial and error to find the best mix for them.



Yeah it's not nice I take mine every 2hrs 125mg then 62.5mg so on upto bedtime then a cr.but at moment body asking for more walking not so good I get there noi the first time this happen thanks gg

I wonder why the dose changes? 

My husband takes 75 mg every 2 hours, and the aim is to keep the level constant.

He uses the Madopar dispersible if he needs a boost.

The new extended release version should be available in the UK soon and has good reports in America.

Let's hope it cuts the number of doses needed as it is supposed to!

Keep trying to find a way!



It seems it would be a good option for me as well.  I looked it up quickly after reading this.  The article I read suggested using Madopar as a substitute for Sinement.  It definitely recommended it for dyskinesa and keeping the dosage low and frequent.  

I keep talking to my doc about the dyskinesa and she asks me if it hurts, when I say no, she seems to disregard it.  I am so fatigued by it.  It's 1 am in Austin, TX, USA and I am dealing with it again.  I can't imagine being able to sleep when I am kicking so much and shuddering.  I usually ride my stationary bike for 30-40 minutes and then walk, walk, walk.  I know it will stop 20 minutes after taking my first dose of Sinement at 6 am. Grateful for tomorrow being Sunday and I will sleep until noon!

Hi jWebb

I am sorry you are suffering so much with dyskinesia.

I know little about it but I think the little and often meds approach is helpful in many ways.

In America you can be prescribed Rytary now, which is the first real extended release Levadopa med.

It should keep levels much more constant and prevent the highs and lows of other meds.

Perhaps you can persuade your neuro to take your plight seriously and research ways to help you?






i take mine every 4 hours  4 times a day madopar. 3 x 62.5 my PD nurse thought i might need a infill pill of some sort in the near future.


 little and often is the best advice right on the nail !